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The Only Thing There is to Fear...

You can transform fear into your greatest ally by embracing it wholeheartedly.

The only thing which stands between you and the complete realization of your infinite God Self is your resistance. You trap yourself in the tiny box of humanness. You are so convinced of the confines of that box that the very idea of you being God is anathema to you. You proclaim loud and long, "I'm only human!" What a convenient excuse for not being the person you want to be; for not living up to the expectations that you have projected into the words of other people. "Only Human" allows you to bear so much of your life in the world that you find "wrong" or "evil" but cannot change or prevent. It is a defence against your fear that you are unworthy to live the life you truly want. Strangely though, you have a historical account of a human who proclaimed that "I and the Father are One!" and Him you revere.

Say it with us now. "I AM GOD!" Let all of the attributes you attach to that word become attached to your self-definition. "I AM GOD!" Let yourself expand to meet the vastness of that idea. Let your every life experience burst forth from that idea. Every imagined particle of your universe is your creation, made of your essence and complete and whole within you. "I AM GOD!" Every speck of dust, every atom, every thought which you have even fleetingly touched is your creative spark in motion. It is you and yours with no rules or obligations. Expand with this awareness. Know your completeness. Be your divine Self. "I AM GOD!"

Now, what did that feel like? Did you offer any resistance to that experience? Did you question your competence or your worth? Did you doubt your ability to handle such freedom and power? What are your reasons for not living in the midst of this awareness all of your life?

We assure you that there is no error in any of your reasons to resist such grandeur. All are natural expressions of your human identity. It is not wrong in any way to be human. Being human is an opportunity, a sacred trust you might say. You get to blossom in a way like no other expression of the divine. You have stepped away from spirit about as far as possible so that you might open to wholeness like a flower opens to the sun. You have done this because it is fun. It is just that simple. The pure joy of it all is your only motive. Because you know fear, you know love. Because you know grief, you know joy. As you come to release the identity as human into the wholeness of your being, you will know the greatest joy imaginable. Doesn't that sound like fun?

So, to fear we turn as the first step to living out your Soul's desire. Why fear? Why does it have to be fear?

Strangely, fear is not the enemy. We are not offering battles to be waged; not with fear or with the EGO or with Satan for that matter. There is no struggle! Life moves along under its own steam (from your perspective anyway). You need not struggle to get where you are going. Indeed, the less you struggle the quicker you move along. It is your resistance to that natural flow which turns a joyous movement into a painful one.

Fear, you see, is intrinsic to every experience. It is not always the major ingredient of an experience, of course. Still, even in the most loving, uplifting and expansive state of being, there is an element of fear which contributes to your experience. Without fear in its primal form, there would be no creation as you know it now. The word, fear, speaks to the emotional experience of a very fundamental element of creation. By the time you might experience the principle of contraction, it has become intensely complex and hard to sort out.

The prime ingredient of 'ALL THAT IS' is infinitely expanding awareness. It is without form and void as the story goes. It is aware only of expansion. It is joy itself! You could call It love if you choose. No word will accurately contain it though. It is the potential for infinity straining to expand. It is what your scientists hope to postulate with their Big Bang Theory. It is not something which begins as a huge ball of stuff but as the infinite potentiality of expansion without limit.

In its boundless explosion, it invariably interacts with itself. You may envision this as streams of expansion which meet and curl in on themselves. At this first curling is the Yin and Yang created, the Male and Female begun. Here is the creation of Heaven and Earth, still void and without form, but very real. You might find it hard to integrate the concept that something void and without form is truly real. Even thoughts have a substance of sorts. This is primal principle though; it is pretty ethereal. It is also the basis of all that you experience on any level.

With the turning inward of awareness, the potential for self-awareness is born, culminating for you in your certainty of separation from all of creation. This movement into individuation is obviously universal. It is a natural progression into complexity as infinite expansion continually impacts each created manifestation. The thus growing awareness can take on more and more complexity and density until it reaches physical form. Of course, countless points of primal "matter", the rudiments of Yin and Yang, expand back into expanding infinite flow of awareness. Still, an infinite amount of denser stuff is created constantly. Each flow of primal awareness, or even other bits of denser stuff, that impacts the growing awareness can be accepted into its being. As growth thus occurs, a point of fear is experienced. If the impact inspired expansion instead of contraction, there would be joy experienced instead of fear. It is contraction, the apparent movement away from oneness, a oneness which, nonetheless, always underlies everything, which becomes the experience you call fear. As a complex form of awareness, the more you believe in your separateness from the oneness of creation, the more fear you experience. Nothing can be created without this contraction of the infinite awareness and so nothing in creation is free from fear, in some form.

There are so many ways to approach this realization. We do ask you to consider the implications before accepting it as your belief. There are versions of these concepts in every tradition, each using distinct language and imagery. It is alluded to in every creation story from every culture, modern or ancient. All point to the conclusion from which we begin. Fear is a natural, normal component of every facet of creation. It is a direction of movement, not a thing in itself. Even motions away from fear (expansion) contain the potential for fear if not the expression of fear. So, fear cannot be successfully avoided or resisted for long. It can, however, be transcended.

We offer the perspective that all experience comes forth from the inside out. Like the diagrams above, the force of life itself impacts you at your core (not the centre of your body but the center of your being that experiences your body). You decide in the moment whether to let that life force inspire you to expand your identity or to refuse it, making it part of the "NOT ME". The refusing sends the flow of creative spark into the world that you project as "NOT ME". You call that refusing fear. By willfully embracing the flow of life, even if that means that things change, by owning each experience and letting your identity expand infinitely, you transcend the experience of fear.

In order to manifest your Soul's desire in the human world, transcending your fear, learning to trust the benevolence of your inner intent, becomes a vital issue. The fear you experience is not the enemy. That fear belongs there in every experience. The only way past it is through it. It is not there to be battled with or fought. The habitual response to fear, to resist experiencing it, throws barriers in front of the free flow of spirit into matter. It is like hanging onto the second hand of some cosmic clock to slow down the flow of time. It ain't likely to work real well.

It is the most exquisite paradox that your efforts to gain self-awareness bring to the fore great swells of fear. The largest portion of the fear you will encounter will be old buried feelings which you resisted and refused along the way. Although your present moment fears are the most obvious and most immediate, they are the least numerous and least far reaching. You will make your way through them pretty quickly. The old fears are more subtle, a bit buried and hard to find. They are linked to events long since over. This can make them easier to experience dispassionately. We mention this now as encouragement to follow the path we are about to suggest, or a similar one of your own design. As you go along, you will come to release fear more and more quickly and easily. You will face your old ghosts with growing grace and ease. The reward for such work is freedom most profound. So, let's begin:

Your resistance to experiencing fear is the response to watch for. While such blocking of experience can be pretty obvious, like throwing a temper tantrum or covering your ears and refusing to listen, other habitual methods can be quite subtle. For instance, certain turns of phrase like, "I Can't", are signals that you are about to refuse an experience even on a mental level. Turning blame outwards, indeed defining an event as blameworthy at all, distances you from your immediate experience of feeling. Learning to identify how you habitually resist emotional discomfort can be a full time occupation for a while. You have your favourite ways though. An active search will prove fruitful right away. The more subtle ways will be revealed later. By then, you will be well versed in the process and well aware of the reward for your effort.

We suggest that you do go in search of your favourite methods of blocking out your feelings. Watch for fear! As it pops up, instead of turning to the circumstances which the fear seems to be aimed at, look instead to the response you launch into upon encountering the fear. Perhaps you will take a few moments longer to deal with your life circumstances this way. You will be more effective for having taken the pause. Odd as it might seem to go looking for fear in your life, if you bear the intent to transcend the fear you find, you will soon see the point of it all. Fear is not the enemy. It is your resistance to experiencing your fear that bears watching.

When you begin, you will likely notice the latter stages of the fear response first. The arguing, anger, resentment, blaming and so on are pretty dramatic. The thoughts and interpretations which lead you to those places are much quieter. As you open yourself to the feeling states which you recall from just before you noticed your response, you will become more familiar with the signals they can provide. Open truly to those feeling states. Do not merely analyse them. Trust that your feelings will not carry you away or last forever. The more you become open to feeling, receptive and embracing, the more you will come to experience the joy that is inherent in each rising and ebbing wave. Just as fear is inherent in every aspect of creation, so too is joy. To find the joy, open to the wholeness of every experience, including your fear.

We will use our friend here as an example of some ways that the experience of fear can be resisted. One of his favourite methods has been avoiding confrontation. In refusing to argue, he gets to blame others for not resolving differing opinions. He defines himself as inadequate to defend his opinions with words in spite of his obvious erudition. He will refuse to engage in conflict, taking a haughty stance and appear "holier than thou". Not an especially charming approach and not very effective. All of these responses block the experience which he defines as inherently painful. Therefore, he often fails to find peaceful resolutions, opting for painful non-resolution, often leading to the very fighting that he wishes to avoid so desperately.

Another trait he has lived is people pleasing. Our friend's fear of rejection has inspired many moments of withholding his own true desires in the hopes of winning favour or, more often, avoiding disfavour. This well rehearsed fear has significant creative power too. His effort to avoid rejection often ensures exactly that. Trying to prove his worth to win respect can easily invalidate another person thereby costing him the favour he would gain. He has also seen that in his attempt to please others, he has encouraged them to continue behaviours that prove harmful to himself and to them. The effect is obviously not very loving, in spite of the appearance of lovingness of the actions that create the effect. He has used this method to the point of co-dependence that reached crisis proportion, as co-dependence often does. This illustrates that fear has as much creative power as love when the passion is invested into your reality. You can build your world upon either as you choose.

Moving on to procrastination, we see that he really prefers non-action to action when his fears loom large. This, of course, has drawn the action oriented into his life; those whose fears inspire attack or flight. In this fashion does humanity form relationships which feed the fears of their participants. You tend to form relationships with others whose response to their own fears inspires your fear and for whom you provide the same service. This is not merely to amuse the Angels, assuming there were such. It restores your internal balance. Your fears enacted and filling your awareness with their opposite, as shown by others, creates a balance within you. As mentioned, the life force that you refuse to experience directly gets projected into your world, the "NOT ME". Then you experience it indirectly, through other people or through external circumstances. As you come to experience life more holistically, being open and resolving with your fears, you will create in your life people who are more balanced internally and externally. Your internal state of being is cast outward into your world. Remember that only a small portion of your being manifests into three dimensions. Only a small portion of your awareness reaches consciousness. Imbalance in your expression as a being can occur very quickly and easily if you are not paying attention.

So, back to procrastination. Our friend here will often step away from a daunting challenge even though he knows that it cannot be held off for very long. Often, waiting can create more problems than it solves. Most often it is his response to his fear of inadequacy. When he doesn't feel up to the task, he puts it off. Throwing excuses and justification in his own way, he tries to avoid acknowledging and feeling his fear. Sooner or later the task must be tackled, the fear must be faced. There is a lot of apparent laziness in your world that could be understood in light of this response to fear.

The last passive method that our friend here uses to distance himself from fear, at least that we will discuss now, is escaping into the abstract. He likes to think of it as detachment though. In a way, it is that; sometimes. This, like most defence mechanisms, is a two edged sword. While it gives him the internal space to compare his life experience to his ideals, detachment also cuts off the very real and valid messages from his senses, internal and external. Such a tool, used in a balanced way becomes invaluable to understanding and to living comfortably with fear. In balanced application, detachment allows the ebb and flow of natural patterns of change. You can experience the full intensity of life but not take it personally. As soon as detachment is used to deny the experience of life in the moment, things get out of whack and imbalance grows from a shiver to a wobble. You slip into blocking the emotional experience of life, for instance, just in case it might hurt. The wave form of emotional experience can go from a steady sine wave to a fierce and destructive roller coaster very quickly.

Moments spent in reflection about your life experience provide perspective and the opportunity to integrate your experience into your identity. In response to fear, though, such moments generally become fruitless and frustrating. You constantly ask why something is happening with no clear answer because you have not really experienced what is happening. This is the general pattern of all defences. They block the experience of the present moment so the meaning of the moment cannot become apparent. Face the moment openly, without resistance, and it reveals itself in the simplicity of the flow of nature.


The active responses to fear are generally easier to spot in action. Again, our friend here exhibits quite a range of these in his daily life. One of his favourites, especially in dealing with other people, is his arrogance. Uncomfortable situations inspire him to make comparisons and search for advantage, attributes or circumstances where he is more powerful than the other person. Toward those, then, he pours himself with gusto, bulling through with great show. He puffs himself up like a blowfish to appear larger than he believes himself to be. Where, in himself, he feels most inadequate and insecure, is where his arrogant behaviour is most noticeable; noticeable that is, to others, not to himself. The response his behaviour brings him from others shows him his fears manifested. He will make a great show of being really smart and erudite because this conjures a feeling of advantage. Others will respond by shutting down and not listening (out of their own fears of inadequacy) and he will experience not being understood or accepted. This is, of course, just what he feared in the first place.

This mechanism takes many forms for our friend here as it surely does in your life. The important thing here is that it points directly to the fear which inspires it. What you see in the world outside yourself, in the situations and behaviour of others and even in the mass events of the world at large, is your internal state reflected. When you don't understand or are not aware of your emotional state, look at your life experience right now. It is there, in the projection of your internal state out into the world around you, that you will find the key to releasing the counterproductive habitual responses to fear. Dealing directly with your fear as it comes up moves you through it immediately and on to the joy of life. Resisting and defending locks you into a long pattern of response that keeps you away from joy for great stretches of time.

Now there are many examples of ways that you can avoid feeling your fears as they come up. We would like to share a word about one way in particular. Anger is a most common experience among humankind. It is a giant signal flare of resistance made habitual. Anger requires large sweeps of resisted energy to fuel its fires. Have you ever noticed that an angry outburst often follows an incredibly trivial occurrence? That, of course, is the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back. It comes on the heels of many moments of frustration and fear. The choice of a trivial focal point is no accident either. That choice provides even more distance from the fears which have reached overwhelming proportion. Getting really ticked about that cap not being put back on the toothpaste tube separates you further from the fear of being unworthy of your family or your boss's respect or some such other more personal insecurity. Often circumstances which seem to set off strong emotional reactions are really just excuses to express the feelings you have been harboring for quite some time.

Anger is an ideal defence because it is such an intimidating offence. It also is totally commanding in the moment. Anger is not a primary emotion so it distances with great power from the more intense feelings it covers. For most people, anger is the result of overwhelming feelings, often several at once. Being so overwhelmed causes the flow of emotional energy to become painfully stuck and it bursts like a blown pipe into angry expressions. Most of the emotions which fuel anger will be totally unconscious and never revealed as the anger supersedes them. It begs real vigilance to capture these emotions after such an outburst. Practice in emotional management, not control but intelligent awareness of feelings and acceptance of them, will bring you to realizing the feelings which lead to anger in the early stages. You may come to be totally free of anger someday as a result.

There are those who habitually respond to life with anger. They become hypersensitive to their own fear and are easily overwhelmed. All feelings carry a component of fear and thus become threatening. Learning to become calm in the face of emotion is only the first step in overcoming a habitual anger response. You can use calm to open up to feeling. Really experiencing your feelings is the way beyond anger's commanding call. It is the way beyond the command of all fear inspired experience and response.


Find a comfortable seat and relax into it. As you breathe, dwell a while on opening up to the universe. Draw it in as you inhale, extending your Self outward as you exhale. Let your imagination reach outwards ever more with each breath. Let all tension be released as you stretch further into the universe you occupy. Relax into the infinite possibilities, embracing your oneness as you breath in and expressing your oneness as you breathe out.

After a few moments of such breathing you will notice the rhythm of your breathing slow and steady quite naturally. A quick scan of your physical body will show you your state of relaxation. Take your time as you let your attention move through your body. Really feel each portion from head to foot and back again. Feel the pulsing of your blood through your veins and the throbbing of your nerves. Feel the air on your skin, the pressure of your weight in your chair. Open your awareness to embrace all of these sensations at once. Hold nothing back but let yourself feel it all simultaneously.

Stay open to this global awareness of your body as you turn your attention to your emotional impulses. Open to the feelings you have experienced today, the feelings you still hold now and the memories of others that linger as well. Do not hesitate or hold back. Stay aware of your physical sensation while you open to your emotions. Let each feeling fill you without judgement or labelling. You need not do anything but feel right now. Once you have embraced a feeling, go on to the next. If you have begun to judge or respond to a feeling, you will find this release challenging. Stay detached but present. Open without hesitation. It is only energy. After you have opened up to each feeling you find within yourself (the amount will vary with practice) let go of even this level of discrimination. Open to your emotional body and embrace all of those emotions at once. Feel how large you are becoming. Bask in the richness of your experience in the moment.

Now, do this same opening to your mental body experience. You will not be thinking every thought in your day. Look instead at the flow of thought right now. Let go of each as they come up. Don't refuse them either. Just observe! Your thoughts do not own or control you. Neither do they need to be controlled by you. They flow like a river through your mental body forming currents, eddies and foam. From this river, you choose the thoughts which fit your beliefs and definitions of your Self and your world. For this moment refuse to choose. Just observe! Allow all thoughts, even those not consistent with your beliefs, to flow unimpeded. Don't attach yourself to any but don't refuse any either. Expand into the river of thought to embrace all that your mental body encompasses.

Remaining open to allow this awareness, physical, mental and emotional, stretch once more to receive the impulses from your spiritual Self. The essence of all things is who you are. There are no borders here, no boundaries. Nothing of essence is separate from the rest of creation. Here is the "I", the primal identity. It is without definition. It is the pure knowledge of Self. Open up to this pure knowledge. Repeat this pure knowledge to yourself. "I AM!" Do not hold onto this thought of thoughts. Do not contemplate its meaning. Simply respect and trust that affirming your beingness will create magic in your life. Let all of the attention you have expanded into your other bodies flow into this one statement. "I AM!" Allow this most simple experience of Self to expand into infinity. Let go of any agenda or purpose. There is no goal to this activity save to open yourself to your own experience. There is nothing in your wholeness which is a danger to you. All is balanced in the whole.


With practice, you will learn many such skills. This meditation teaches you to relax on many levels. You learn to suspend judgement and belief, to release thoughts and feelings and sensation into the wholeness of the moment. It inculcates you into the quest for your infinite Self. Thus, you blossom into a life which expresses your wholeness. You learn to embrace what is true in the moment without guilt or fear. You can discover what is true in the moment that often is hidden beneath guilt and fear. Such practice makes you master of your experience on all levels of the Self, able to accept and release your attention as you choose. It is your attention, fixated upon one small portion of your infinite Self that becomes your experience of pain. You can learn to become aware of your fixations, driven by fear and release them to end your pain.

These fixations of attention are a resistance to the fluid motion of change. If you, for instance, do not believe that you can instantaneously heal yourself of whatever malady befalls you, that belief fixes that malady in your perceptions. Head colds then last the full nine days, broken bones take weeks to heal and so on. In truth, your body is totally recreated in each moment to fulfill your beliefs and definitions of yourself. If not for the habit of holding your definitions steadfast, you could change any belief in an instant and learn to remove any pain in the blinking of an eye.

Our focus then is your resistance, your fixation of attention. As fear pops up before your attention, how you respond is very much crucial to how your life will then unfold. Refusing to experience the fear starts a chain reaction of habitual knee-jerk responses that invariably lead to pain. These responses are guaranteed to bring that fear into manifestation. Perhaps the form that the fear takes will look different than the original but its meaning in your life will be the same. Perhaps the timing will not appear swift and direct but eventually your fear will create what you command. Refusing an experience fixes your attention upon a point of the natural flow of spirit much like building a dam on a river. It is a pretty permanent structure. Rarely will that structure come down on its own. If you do not actively release it somehow, it remains within your energetic matrix, draining your life force as you go on. Eventually, the drain of all these dams built to hold off the experiencing of your life saps you of the energy and will to live in the right now. Do that enough and it can kill you. You will go into death willingly at a deep level. Still, you choose to die even if you are not aware of making that choice. Each effort to hold off the experience of your own life force is a movement towards death. It is self-denial and thus a motion into not-being.

In many ways, the choice to refuse, ignore or suppress the sadness that you feel at watching a charged scene in a movie, because you don't want to be seen weeping in public, is as much an expression of a death-wish as smoking a cigarette. Degree may differ but the direction of this movement is the same; inward towards isolation from the universe and your infinite Self.

Consciousness is, by nature, in constant flux. It is ever moving and changing. It flows into and out of dimensions of existence (mostly unknown to you) in rhythmic waves. Fixating consciousness as you do in order to create your stable physical world requires considerable effort. It is so habitual for you to do this that you are not even aware of the work involved. Like standing up, you only notice the effort when it starts to hurt. Releasing your consciousness to flow more easily by such attitudes as non-judgement, unconditionality and faith, liberates great surges of vital energy. You begin to manifest your desires more rapidly, warts and all. You gain access to more knowledge and more joy. On the other hand, practising such attitudes as fearfulness, distrust and judgement, which fixate your attention in time and space (the physical world) traps your energy in a small tight place where it is hard to find later.

The habitual focus upon the physical world that has ruled your life to the present is quite simply your reaction to fear. If you attend to your inner world, you may get hurt, hit by a bus, forget to eat, get mugged by a stranger. Your effort to be "realistic" is an effort to insulate yourself from the very real experience of fear that takes place within you. That effort does not really afford you a more effective, or safe, life experience. You block off the meaning and purpose of your experiences along with your fear and your joy.

Before you can be very successful at finding and freeing the trapped awareness of old refused experiences like anger, grief, sadness and fear, you will see the value of stopping the habits of suppression and repression that fixate your attention in the first place. These habits block all of your spiritual goals. Accessing your spiritual Self is first and foremost an act of acceptance. No other skills required but the willingness to accept and experience your Self in the present moment. Do so unconditionally and your essence shines through in every moment. Throw judgement and doubt in the path and you throw huge boulders in your own way, boulders you will have to shove aside to continue forward once again.


This is all well and good in general terms. It seems pretty simple doesn't it? Putting this into practice in your daily life might be a bit daunting though. At the coarser levels, fear is, by its nature, scary. Opening yourself to experiencing your fear as it comes up begs genuine courage. We will not underestimate the effort we ask of you. Do not underestimate the reward for such effort. It is only the top layers of fear that loom so large and intimidating. Most of your most immediate fears are the product of many layers of experience denied over a lifetime. They feel much more potent than they will turn out to actually be. Cut through those layers and reveal the decisions you have made and renewed which sponsored such terrible monsters. The deeply hidden and resisted fears at the root of your present traumas will seem small and distant once you reach them.

Remember that there is no end to fear. All of creation is built out of the movement which you call fear. You may only relate to the emotional experience but that movement is present at all levels of manifestation and it demands your attention at every level. Be willing to grant it your attention and you will not fixate upon it and thus bind it to you.

As moments of discomfort arise in your life, we suggest the following procedure: Breathe slow and easy. Throw open your senses on all levels as we have learned. Do not judge or label what you perceive. Relax into your breathing and let whatever 'is' take place. This is not to say, "Keep your hand in that candle flame." We only ask that you suspend judgement and let the full experience take place within you. Fear will likely be your companion in such moments. You need not shut down in the face of this fear. By remaining calm and peaceful, you make it possible to experience the layers of meaning in the moment; the impulses of your Soul. It is the tension both inner and outer that mucks up your internal communication. Showing your trust in your safety in this life by remaining open to your experience, leaves the door open for this deep communication. It does take practice but you can count on events to afford you the opportunity.


We devote so much attention so early in this writing to fear and its transcendence because everything which follows will be predicated upon the skill you learn in this sphere. As long as you hold back the flow of life in any part, you will be blind to the messages from your Soul which fill every moment. It is not only a matter of the resistance to the immediate moment which blocks this subtle but pervasive flow. As you have thrown up resistance to experience throughout your life, you have quite a backlog of old issues and energy to embrace and release. Once you have established the new habit of being willing to experience life, these bits of held awareness will bubble up to your conscious attention all of themselves. Until then, though, these bits will continue to ring resonantly to your present traumas. They will colour your beliefs about your Self, yourself and your world. They remain hidden in your past because you will them to hide, even if your are not aware of the decision.

From this moment on, you may institute a new decision about fear. You can choose to look with an open mind at how you respond to your life experience; how painful moments unfold and how you react. You can look for the fear which is inextricably bound to painful events. Then, you can watch your responses for resistance to that fear. The tendency to shut down sensation on the physical level, feeling on the emotional level, thought on the mental level and the pressure of desire on the spiritual level is reflexive, habitual and unconscious. Make your response to fear and "negativity" a conscious one by paying attention. This is a crucial turn-around point in your spiritual path. You really cannot circumvent this one. Fear response will become an issue in your life one way or another.

So, choose! Choose now! Don't put it off. This is the moment where you can change direction permanently. You can move into joy from now on. As courageous as this path we suggest may seem, the rewards are immediate. Just as there is a component of the fear principle in every portion of creation, there is a component of the joy (or love) principle as well. By opening to one, you open to the other. It is unavoidable. The converse is equally true. Close yourself to one and you close yourself to the other also. Every moment of denying fear is a moment of self-denial. In that there is no joy. It is your vast being that you are experiencing in life. Deny your own being and you shut off the voice of your Soul.

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