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I had a soul reading done several months ago by someone who, I'm sure, is a competent practitioner. It was set up without my conscious participation by a friend who wanted to share her excitement with the process. As I felt that I had been dealing with the vagaries of life reasonably well to that time, I went into the reading with no particular concerns. I was curious though, to experience the process and find out what it was about.

Much of the event felt like receiving a good report card. She told me things about my inner life and spiritual self that validated my experiences until then. She spoke of power animals I had been working with and qualities that I had been consciously developing. This all lent credibility to the information she offered which was new to me. One such piece was the mention that the Master Kuthumi was expressing an interest in making contact with me. She suggested I pursue it when I felt ready to do so and moved on to other topics.

By this time in my life, I had already had a number of experiences, some documented here, which led me to believe this contact was well within the realm of possibility. I knew it didn't require me to be especially unusual, just receptive. Besides, the chord of recognition when she spoke of this contact was loud and clear and sweetly harmonious. So I set to right away. I will try to transpose some of these encounters which followed her advice now. I apologize in advance for the extreme difficulty in putting words to them though. This contact has been marked with healthy doses of physical, intellectual and emotional impact but the greatest impact on me has occurred at levels of awareness that I may not be able to adequately describe. Often the content filters into my conscious awareness days after the event, augmenting the experience of my more controllable senses.

Early on in the effort to open myself to interaction with this awareness, He (for want of a better term) would appear to my inner vision in a metaphoric form as a white tiger.

tiger In trance states, I had already flown with Eagle many times and been swallowed a few times by a giant cobra so I had no real fear of this beast. I was immediately willing to follow, ride, or enter this tiger at its bidding. Unlike other animal forms I have been privileged to enter, there seems to be little emotional content to this experience with the tiger. There is, however, a sense of clarity I rarely know otherwise. This clarity has been greatest when I move inside the form and let it take me where it will. Its guiding principle for contact seems to be to impart meaning and clarity to the principles or laws which structure reality. I can sense its impulses to remove the cobwebs of my thought processes. The deeper my trance state, the more fully its awareness can penetrate the constructs I put in its way.

I wish I could say that my experiences in his presence are indelibly etched in my mind. The truth is that they are so much more whole than my physical world encounters that only in an altered state am I able to fully recall the details. Bummer!

These events have been progressive in nature. Each succeeding interaction has brought deeper contact and larger experience. A recent event was very moving and I'll try to recount the details and put as much limit on my own interpretations as possible.

The weekly meditation group I attend was a full house for the first time in months. As a small group, we had become more open and trusting of each other and the love shared between us all had been growing steadily. Our healing circle efforts had taught us all, each in our own way, much about clearing ourselves to channel heart energies. The result has been increasingly potent meditations over time. There is an ebb and flow to that sequence as individuals struggle to process the elevating frequencies that we share. The momentum, though, is inexorable. Personally, I credit this energy boost that the group provides with much of the opening to inner experience I have had this past year.

On this one recent evening, after many weeks of grappling with deep seated emotional issues, I was feeling reasonably settled inside. The energy movement around the circle was markedly increased. The personal stories shared brought a wonderful upsurge of love and supportiveness from us all. As soon as I entered a meditative state by clearing my chakras and aligning my fields, the white tiger appeared. "Goody! Gonna be a fun one!"

I jumped right inside the tiger this time, which surprised me a little, and off we went. We traveled through terrain that I had viewed before from above with Eagle. Through the forest, down into a gorge, across a river and up the other side to the entrance of a cave I have come to think of as mine. It feels so much like home.

Instead of going directly to the room with the pool and the mirror as I usually seem to do there, we began to travel down a long tunnel. Moving down into the darkness, I could see traces of light along the walls of the tunnel. We moved too quickly to make out many details, but I could feel my trance state deepen as we moved downward. I was offered the impulse to embrace the darkness as we went along. The memory of the black pool within this cave came to mind and I recalled the feeling of immersion in it. I had the thought that the tunnel was bringing me to a deeper level of awareness with each step.

With this thought, my awareness began to flicker on and off as though at the edges of sleep. I had been having this experience often in recent weeks while meditating. When I've asked for an explanation of this occurrence, I have been told by the inner voice that my nervous system was being attuned to a range of frequencies that my consciousness could not yet assimilate so it would shut down to accommodate the process. (I actually do talk to myself in such terms, sick puppy!) When I realized this process was happening again, I figured the journey was pretty much over. Sigh!

With that thought, an image formed before us, sharp and clear. I was still with the tiger and standing before a wooden gazebo. Four carved posts on a platform held up a slate roof. It had an oriental-like architecture which stood in sharp contrast to the pioneer traditional outhouse in the center. Yeah! Outhouse. White painted board walls and tar paper roof of a single seater like my grandfather used to own.

"What is this shit!" I chuckled as I went through the door. Being in the tiger insulated me from the emotional shock of finding myself in a huge building with row upon row of benches and a single raised platform in the front. The benches were occupied by thousands of orange robed figures seated and facing the front of the room. I then noticed that I was back in my familiar form and started walking to a place which lay vacant and beckoned to me. I plunked myself down to wait and to wonder. I could feel the focus of the room on the platform up front and when I looked there I saw a small old man with Santa Claus hair and beard and a face like the child's imaginings of the face of God. I recognized though, the energy of Kuthumi pouring from him into the room. The others were simply seated there absorbing this outflow and basking in the awareness so I arranged myself to do likewise. I could feel it filling me like water into a bottle. At first it was just a trickle which felt warm and comforting and then a stream which seemed to push the outsides of my being in a larger shape. This sensation was becoming uncomfortable when I noticed that I was now surrounded by these robed figures with the Old Man standing before me.

Kuthumi Now, throughout this unfolding scenario, I had tried, on a conscious level, to hold as a mantra the thought "Thy Will Be Done" whenever I felt my focus start to slip a little. I had been drifting in and out of focus from mantra to event horizon (I know that isn't what it means but it is a fun term isn't it?). This is a normal procedure for me anyway so let's proceed.

With this figure in front of me summing up all my aspirations as a being (even the group consciousness of my soul is impressed with this guy) I could think of nothing more worthy to repeat. "Thy Will Be Done" I said to Him, finally acknowledging an essence worth saying this to.

"No!" was the reply, much to my surprise. "It is time to change to 'Our Will Be Done'." This thought filled my being with its myriad implications in a rush that exploded inside me. The simultaneous rush of spiritual glory and abject terror of this momentary unity with divine will washed through me. I was toggling back and forth between being me and being, well, God if you must know. Movement stirred my awareness and I noticed that a saffron robe was being placed upon my shoulders. I was told that the robe represented acceptance into the order and was both humbled and elevated in the same moment. Back at the Ranch (my body), I felt a strong surge of energy rising through my throat and into my brow. A tremendous sensation expansion took place. My body was growing beyond the walls of the house we were in and out into, well, wherever.

My body started to shake, imperceptibly at first and then almost violently. I could not stay relaxed any longer and came back to normal awareness. As I opened my eyes, what a shock to see the room bathed in a soft white light. Everyone else came to in rapid succession then (which never ceases to amaze me). Otherwise, I would have bolted from the building. Then, our hostess began to sing, "Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream" (Ah, relief in the form of joy) “Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream." I was thrilled to launch into the second round and others followed until we settled down inside. For the first time in ages, we all talked about our meditations then and there. It was obvious that we all had touched a source of power that night.

Whatever the blessing I had received that night, it was made even more meaningful by knowing it had been somehow shared. In the days and weeks that followed, my sense of wholeness and inclusion in a larger self has continued to grow. Each life situation seems to crystallize this new attitude further. When I've caught myself brooding about the past or fretting about the future, which is to say when I stop feeling happy, it has been so much easier to step back into the present moment and feel joyful again.

I want to state clearly that this story does not represent any great achievement on my part. I have been reminded repeatedly that such beings are multidimensional and always available to us on request. All that I have accomplished is the decision to desire such experience and accepting the possibility that I deserve to have it simply because I am human.

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