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The Shao Lin

There are recurrent images in my reverie. As these become more familiar with each experience of them, I become more adventurous in exploring them. Each time they come around again, I become more excited by the prospect of learning something new and meaningful. They take on a power of their own in my inner landscape.

Oaktree c.1860One such vision is of a large tree, huge beyond description. I approach this tree with glee as right from my first experience, it has been the harbinger of insight and pleasure. In this tree, I am shown scenes from what might well be past lives. Even if they are only flights of fancy, the information they carry for me has proven valuable. This tale is of a such a life experience. I won't interpret its meaning beyond the surface messages.

As I entered the trance state, I asked as clearly as I could form the thought, "What do you have to show me?" I found myself in a seat in a movie theatre much like the one I went to as a child: a large screen on a wide stage with a piano in one corner and curtains on either side. The vision of a large tree formed on the screen and expanded as it approached me or I it. (Who knows in a vision, eh?) I put my arms around the small section of the trunk I could reach and hugged in gratitude for what I was about to see unfold. (I'm a pretty confident guy.)

I rose up into the branches of the tree and saw in various places throughout the tree a number of chinese lanterns each with a little light inside. I have come to expect a past life to be in each of them and assume them to be my own. Of course, the future is a big place and who knows what I'll find there but....

Quite by intuition I chose one of the lanterns and approached. As I reached it, I saw a new scene form before me. I stood before a mirror and looked upon a face foreign to me. It was Oriental and male with long black hair and a long thin mustache. He was grim looking but handsome in a way and seemed to recognize my contact with grace and ease. I understood that I was looking out through his eyes and that he could speak to me comfortably so I launched right in with questions.

"What have you to show me?" (I didn't say 'smart questions'!)

Without a word he raised his hands and I saw a ball of blue light in the right hand and a ball of red light in the left. He turned and looked at two burning candles sitting on a table about three meters away. He raised both hands to face the candles. I felt a stream of energy like a beam from a spotlight coming out of the right hand and saw one of the candles on the table puff out as though from a gust of wind. "Wow! How did you do that?"

Then from the left hand, the beam grabbed (or so it seemed) the flame from the other candle and brought it to the unlit one and it too burned again. "Aw come on, how did you do that?" I found myself traveling into the candleflame much as I traveled to find this vision in the first place. I felt the flame as though it were a part of me. Much like I would make my own body move with an act of will, I felt the flame extinguish. We moved then to the other candle and again began to identify with it. Feeling its burning nature like a part of my own body, we grabbed the flame and moved it to the other candle as easily as walking across my living room. "Cool!"

We turned then and I saw a man lying on a table across the room. I finally had realized I didn't need to prompt this experience and quietly watched as we approached the man on the table and felt my awareness change shape. We seemed to be going into the body to an area of red inflamed tissue. Again, the sense of identification with our surroundings seemed to grow, and when it became a tangible thing complete with sensations of pressure and pain, an awareness of perfection took over so fast that if I'd had a head of my own it would have been spinning wildly. Then the narration began at last.

"We must become the diseased part and bring our own heightened awareness to the fore. No other intrusion is needed to produce a cure."

"How do we bring our heightened awareness to the fore?" says I. I had sense enough not to be funny with this character. He had already made it clear with his lack of emotion that humor was beneath him.

"You already have a picture of your essence in your mind. Use that."

I couldn't argue with that. He was right. But how did he know that? So much for literal interpretations. Of course, if I could shift time enough to revisit a past life, so could he. Then again, if this was the creation of my imagination, it could make its own rules too. The point was that his advice on all counts made sense. In the midst of this speculation (when will I learn?) the scene before me dissolved.

Not surprisingly, when I have had the chance to work inside someone else's energy field, either physically or emotionally, this technique has proven very successful. Still, candles burn of their own accord and need more breath than pure energy to be extinguished! Oh well!

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