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Channeling, March 30, 1998

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As you are learning now, feelings are meant to be experienced, not controlled, managed or manipulated. They have no substance and only what power you give them. Still, they have a certain motive force. Your emotions are an excellent carrier for messages from others parts of your being. They relate directly to the etheric body and can convey a message from any source that may be too immediate to ignore. In fact, immediacy is an earmark of the lower levels of perception. You think of the higher levels as more subtle. This is not to say that one should ignore the information in more "coarse" layers of consciousness. One should, however, not resist them. Accepting power is a portion of the lesson of this layer of reality. There is more power here (in the emotional layer) than in the physical, and that is felt within all people. Still, it hasn't the power of thought or of spirit, only the more coarse reflection which is felt in your systems. These are ripples of a motive force from more subtle layers. Like the waves on the ocean, the forces of wind and gravity are not noticed except in the resulting wave. The ripples of emotion which mark your days are the result and not the cause of action. In each thought there is action beyond description. You are conditioned to acknowledge only the action of the body, but this too is but a reflection of the movement of spirit and even higher sources of energy. Yes, it is a metaphor - this channel likes that idea!

There is an increase on the planet now of emotional focus. This is a normal part of the "evolution" of your piece of the universe. This idea of evolution is an attempt to make linear that which is whole. Don't be fooled. There is no point at which the whole planet will ascend. It is a wobble on the teeter totter of humanity which will dump a few off the end .

This channel is beginning to follow a path through a combination of thought and motion which will open new doors. It is the development of intent. An acknowledgment of creativity. The fact that one believes in the energy structure of human bodies is an indication of perceiving such. Use that perception as if it were as "real" as your vision. That will draw more to your awareness. Allow your body to practice its perception in spite of the frustration of not being able to see the energy. It is as real as anything else.

The opening of chakras is no small feat. You are attempting to allow a great deal of pain to filter through a small opening and your ability to do this is contingent on how effectively you relax with this discomfort. It is like giving birth. There is pain from lives past as well as this one which needs to be released. You can access this pain by means of physical motion. The sense of power you notice from the tensegrity exercises is a source of energy which can open these doors. Use it like you use sexual energy to strengthen the flow outward to others. This will aid in releasing any buildups which occur. By draining the energy attached to vortexes in your field you can address the trauma points more directly. Ground up now and lift the energy in your system whenever possible. This one asks why the material we send is so familiar to his everyday. That is because we are always here. His everyday experience mirrors these lessons and they expand into creation to show him each in turn. It is not enough to just experience or to just understand. Both must occur to fulfill the human function.

You ask about perfecting the nervous system. That is, like all things, a matter of practice. The more you run energy through the system, even if only a visualization of energy, you acclimate by degrees to a higher frequency. Push yourself to imagine the highest portion of yourself in your body that you can envision. This raises the frequency in increments. How small those increments are doesn't matter. They will enlarge with time and practice. Moments of semi-consciousness in meditation are moments of high frequency impulse beyond what your awareness may tolerate. You are opening to this layer of energy but must be patient to have it unfold into your consciousness. .

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