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Channeling, April 3, 1998

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My what a sloppy channel we have here. Despite knowing all the proper ways to clear the thought stream to be a proper conduit, this one continues to indulge and muddy the waters so to speak. His being does endeavor to provide a pipeway for the energy of higher awareness, and we applaud the effort. There is a battle being waged here to allow the flow of love through this channel. The battle focuses on the intensity of his experience. His sense that both sides of the coin must be allowed is accurate, though he laments this too often. At the height of his understanding he senses that the love energy which he sometimes feels supersedes the laws of creation. It is a most essential flow. It moves across the face of the waters as the Logos. It is this stream which forms the principles of creation, movement and rest, male and female, yin and yang. Here is the source of joy which cannot be compared to pleasure or pain. It is truly beyond words yet seeks expression in human terms as in all other foci. Here lies the wisdom of acceptance.

All expression carries this movement of joy. Suspension of judgment allows this movement to take place in the human heart. Fearlessness of expression allows it to flow into human awareness and be shared. Yes, it does have a component of despair because its true nature is beyond expression. It must ever be thwarted and yet revealed. As much remains unmanifest as gets expressed.

Much is asked about what shall be. What is going to happen next, in my life, in life itself? The message is that all shall be. This sphere you think is reality is only the lightest touch of the creator/source. It is a dream as surely as your nightly walks. It explodes into form in a timeless flash and as quickly dissipates and is replaced by yet another expression. Truly there are no mistakes, as all choices become reality in their turn. All human possibilities are explored and all lights of the imagination have a time of their own. The advice through the ages to enjoy this moment of presence in this plane will allow the human being to accept more of the intense beingness of incarnation. Judging some facets of existence to be good and others bad resists the wholeness of creation and holds back the experience of pure life which is the birthright of all humans.

Fear is surely the leash with which humanity holds itself tethered. It is a fear of nothing, quite literally. Annihilation? Is the human ego that precious a commodity that losing a part of it would spark such suffering? Pain and joy both illuminate this strange focus in your hearts. The more light which shines on this fear the more it can be seen for what it is. A choice! It can also be set aside. That is the meaning of faith. Not the accepting of that which cannot be seen or known but the accepting of self as one with all things. The true nature of the human soul or essence. Cool huh?

Sounds easy doesn't it? Surprisingly enough it is easy. Take this one who has really only just begun to try to let this movement take over his life. Part of his inner self is still committed to the world of humanity, the consensus reality which he knows how to manipulate and control. The part which sees this clearly enough to know it is but a dream soothes the ruffled feathers and slowly slips a large view into his world. Each moment spent pulling away from this world allows a little more power to the effort to see more of what is.

To the rest of the world, this cycle of life which turns in upon itself seems useless and dreamy. It appears to have little function in a culture which worships functionality. Many souls hesitate to engage in this pursuit because it is so unacceptable to the mass of society. Like all human pursuits, this too requires courage and persistence. Like all pursuits, this one has intrinsic rewards in growth and insight.

All things come to he who waits. This is more than mere words. As time is a perceived phenomena, not an objective reality; all things indeed do occur. Patience allows the unfolding of events in a form whose perfection can be experienced. The struggle to manipulate reality and force a process to completion prevents the perception of the perfection inherent in all actions, all creation. Patience, timing, then are the allowing of will to be expressed. They are traits to be encouraged. Some encourage these traits by going through trials. All life experiences which do not hold these attributes become trials or tests.

This one asks, why use words? Why bother to express the thoughts which all could access with inner quiet? Why seek the explanation of all things when so much cannot be explained? The wholeness of experience includes these efforts. It is not to be limited in any way much less with the use of words. Still, this part of the development of awareness has as much validity as all others. It also provides an avenue of sharing with others the experience of the God within. The power of that experience can come through the words in some small measure and bring a little light to those who can see it. No one will leave this plane of existence alone. This momentary excursion into solitude and isolation cannot end without expansion into connectivity and awareness of self as other. Wholeness demands that to master this plane, manifest and unmanifest must be encompassed by awareness. It is ultimately the balance of both which marks this level of existence.

You have used the word "light" to connote the spiritual aspect of yourself. Know that this is a misnomer. Yes, light is a step between the slow, course, movement of physicality and the joyful, all expressing purity of primal motion. You, however, are composed of the primordial flow of pure movement, without form or substance, without wave or positive or negative polarization. This purity is intrinsic in your essence and in your bodies. Don't be fooled into believing that the grossness of your physicality is reality. It is a reflection of the very thought of you. What you think of as YOU is a thought. A flight of fancy in the Mind of God.

You are free to step outside the confines of physicality at any time to glimpse this greater reality. Merely suspend the belief that your bodies are real. Try on the dream image of yourself in waking thought and sense the scope of your reach into the universe. There are no limits to this reach, except your fear of course. And even that is not real. It is merely the signposts along the pathway to tell you where you are so you can get around in an infinite universe. You need not acquiesce to fear nor push it out of your way. Acknowledge its presence and allow it to be. Leave it alone, in other words. It will do as it wishes like any other thought which disturbs your meditation on existence. That is what this life is, you know, a meditation on existence. The Mind of God contemplating itself. That it seems so vast an infinity is some indication of what a huge entity you really are.

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