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Oaktree engraving c. 1860As I slipped into the trance state, the image of the huge tree loomed before me.

"Oh boy!" I thought.

I do love what seems to always follow this image. Up I go as far into the tree as my energy allows. I seem to run out of puff before reaching the top, so far in my excursions at least. The little chinese lanterns that hang in various places draw my attention once again. I choose the last one I can reach and the scene before me starts to change.

It takes a moment to clear the visual landscape of the scene. In small increments the surroundings become more coherent. First I see myself looking out through the eyes of a man in a long white robe. He is standing with arms stretched wide before a growing number of others who are slightly lower than the platform he is perched upon. At first the assemblage below seems to be facing this man, but as the image clears I can see that they are facing the perimeter of the large dome-shaped building we inhabit. By this point I am identifying myself as this robed person. I stand upon a catwalk-like structure which runs along the entire perimeter. Also on this platform are many other robed figures, arms outstretched towards each other. I see a stream of blue light beginning to connect each of the figures on the catwalk. The light is formed in a beam about an inch in diameter (2 1/2 centimeters for most of the world). It does not form a straight line as it reaches from hand to hand. There are little barbed protrusions like luminescent barbed wire. As the connection comes to circle the entire perimeter, lines of this light begin to connect over the heads of the people on the main floor. More and more lines of this light form a gridwork in the center of the building and slowly a crystalline structure begins to take shape. Sky blue in color and many faceted, this crystal begins to spin. Light streams out of it in a spiral which becomes faster as the spin increases.

As the light becomes more coherent and the crystal form starts to blur with its motion, a large beam of blue light bursts forth through the center of the dome. Part of me moves upward beyond the roof to observe the light. I see the light being joined to other streams of coherent energy forming a larger gridwork pattern. It never occurs to me to wonder how I came up here to look at this. So large is the beam of light, in fact, that I can only guess that it covers a continent or a very large land mass. In very unusual fashion for me, I do not hear any dialogue throughout the visual experience and so no explanation is offered. My impression was that the light grid played a role in how life was expressed in this place, but nothing further was apparent.

I have, at other times, perceived the coherent formation of crystalline structures connecting people who are actively working together to send healing energies to others - nothing as highly structured or as brilliantly portrayed, of course. Still, the hint that our energies intermingle in highly structured ways which can be perceived and possibly put to good use is intriguing. I heartily suggest experimenting with visualizing a crystal through which one can pour one's highest energies to send healing to parts of one's own body or to others who have requested such prayers. Then watch for the results in full knowledge that results are indeed possible. The idea of using the energies of the earth through stone, tree, and animal to provide loving healing energy is as old as humankind - and more effective than we may give it credit for being.

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