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The Nature of Committment

Kuthumi channeling
February 27 1999

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Hello child. We are Kuthumi of the second ray. We bring you the Love Wisdom to guide you into the unkown. Have you questions for us tonight?

Yes. What is the esoteric meaning of committment?

Committment begins with the first thrust of spirit into matter. It is committment that holds you in your body. Thoughts like, "Life is hard and then you die", undermine your committment to living. Such thoughts begin the closing down of the root chakra, blocking the free flow of life energy into your body. This allows the blockage in the emotional body to transform into the physical imbalances and illness.

The greatest value you derive from organized religion is the stimulation it offers to your committment to your existence. Religion offers you the comfort of reminding you that there is purpose to your presence on Earth. You ARE allowed to be here! Of course, it also provides a mixed message or two about that purpose and about the purity of your soul. But it is a start. Religion does, at least, postulate that you are spirit inhabiting flesh. This stimulates the flow of energy through the root chakra whenever it stimulates your thoughts. This energy then moves upwards through your energy field and begins the process of expansion into the world outside your bodies. This gives you the chance to establish committment to the world around you, work, play, other people and your own pain and pleasure. The more committed you feel to spirit, the more energy is available to power your life in the world.

Education, from the first "NO" you hear from your parents to the formal education you pursue in childhood, establishes your committment to learning. This stimulates the solar plexus as integrating with the world stimulates the sacral chakra. Here, you begin to derive meaning from your life circumstances. Your committment to making practical sense of your life powers your interactions. Still, this is fueled by your belief in your right to exist.

As your experience with life expands into the heart, your emotional universe steps out of the realm of survival, pleasure/pain and practicality. You open to a new level of meaning. You begin to draw your identity from the feelings you share with the world around you. Your committment to life is becoming more focused on happiness rather than pleasure or comfort. Your interactions grow more deep. Your sense of connectedness receives sparks and you experience the power of love in your life. Committing to this experience opens your life to directly touching the portion of yourself that is spiritual and ineffable. You achieve moments of identification with the world around you through your emotions. Until the energy of your awareness flows through your heart, by virtue of a trust in your safety in the world so you can actually look for happiness, this opportunity was missing in you.

The throat chakra affords a direct interaction with your higher self, missing in lower centers. No longer is your survival an issue. Thoughts of power, of pleasure and pain or of survival itself are now conceptualizations about the nature of your being. The committment to the truth of who you are is the issue here. This gets tested by life and trust grows. The free flow of awareness has stepped up by the time the energy of your being reaches this centre. You begin to have some idea of what real power is and how to step into that power. You learn here about intent and identity. With every moment of courageous self expression comes a clearer perception of reality, unfettered by the fears which marked the lower centers. Your connection to your spiritual nature grows steadily until it becomes a total identification.

Once committed to your identity as spirit, you are free to explore the universe in which your body, as a small fragment of that greater being, resides. In the brow chakra, the perception of that universe is processed. Once your identity is established, the fears which what you perceive through this center can inspire, can be set aside. Here, we are beyond the realm of conceptualization and firmly set in the mode of perception. We have set aside judgement as the primary mode of self awareness. We learn here to flow with the will of nature and the flow of energy goes unimpeded. The processes of focus through this and the higher centers becomes simply a learning process. There are no ripples from the emotional body once the energy of your being flows freely into the brow. Any fear or anguish you experiecne while exploring from this point represent blockages still existing in your lower centers and going back into those armed with information from spirit makes that clearing ever so much easier than once it was when your fear seemed a real thing.

As you can see, committment then is not an attribute of spirit at all. It is an attitude you carry into your life and it then colors how you live that life. After all, how can you be committed to spirit? That is exactly what you really are! You can however, take a willingness to commit to your true self into living your life and make doing so a joyous and growing experience.

Why does being committed to our spiritual growth cause us so much discomfort and fear?

The very thought of such committment shines a strong light on the wholeness of your being. This light falls on your blocked energies as well as your free flowing nature. If you have yet to clear the old fears and pain and are still holding them dearly to you, they will be illuminated by such a committment, even in the naming of it. This is merely a test and you will be continually tested until you decide to follow the impulses of your heart into the much larger universe of your soul. When you explore the unknown reality of your being, you will have to bring great faith along with you. It is the primary tool of this exploration. Like the light a spelunker wears on his hat, you must carry this light of faith in your safety and integrity as a being into the dark places of your soul. Such committment is rare and wonderful to live with and will always stand you in good stead when the mystery of life is appearing before you.

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