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Part 2 The evolutionary push

For all the ages of argument over creationism versus evolutionism, few have been willing to throw into the debate the perspective that both truths are valid. Of course, we can safely assert, from the point of view of the heart, that all truths are valid. This is an infinite universe after all. Room for everything. Indeed, each of the infinite points of view in such a universe is a reality in itself. Are each following the same laws as all the rest? Are each heading toward the same objective? What are the forces which propels the movement, actual or apparent, of All That Is? Don't you just love BIG questions?

Simply for the joy of it, I will decribe some of the universe which I perceive. I ask that you remember that it is my reality and only as large as I can expand my identity to encompass. From my perception, I will try to outline the principles by which my reality functions, in very human terms, of course, so bear with me. Let's dive right in and see where it leads.

The universe is NOTHING! There, wasn't that easy? OK, that is facile. How about this? All that exists is awareness. It has no substance in such basic form. This primal stuff is subtle well beyond energy or even thought. It is the stuff of spirit and is ever in motion. Well, the idea of motion is primal. Without form of any kind, motion is more implied than measureable but perhaps you know what I mean. What is fundamental in the creation of the myriad forms from this primal stuff is intent. Intent is the focus of awareness. Like two currents of water meeting obliquely and turning inwards on each other to form a vortex, awareness focused on itself becomes the driving process of creation, identity. When we observe the life cycle of a living cell, we can observe the intent of its being in action. Every minute movement within a cell has purpose. Every minute movement states clearly its identity as such and such a cell. This is not just random and perhaps not mere reflex or instinct. It is a small leap to recognize the awareness of objects in the physical universe. We may not be able to communicate with such subtle forms as single cells, but the awareness and identity is certainly there. It is just such awareness that holds together the parts of an atom or a molecule. It is fundamental identity (self awareness) which draws spirit into matter and holds it there, whether in as simple a form as a hydrogen atom or as complex a form as a human being.

So, what is this primal awareness then? NOTHING!
Oh, this again?
No! Really! Nothing! It is pure expansion, absolute chaos, ever in motion, devoid of identity and seeking itself. It is just this expansion, ever reaching out to include, that we acknowledge with the word love. The love that bursts from our hearts with the joys and sufferings of life, follows this same expansive path which the whole of infinity pursues. Imagine it as a giant toilet brush (bristles radiating out in all directions) of awareness. In each multidimensional point in an infinite universe, each infinitesimal speck of nothing is expanding outwards in every one of an infinite number of directions. How's that for naming the TAO? Take that Lao Tzu!!!

So, with all this willy nilly explosion of awarness going on, there's bound to be some interactions taking place, some urge to shift from the blissful boundless awarenes of expansion (that's love, remember?) to an awareness of itself. If there is interaction, there is"Other" and if "Other" then "Self"? "Who AM I?" becomes the primordial question of awareness. Not so different than any one of us, eh? With each interaction, awareness curls in on itself in its seeking. This is the process of focus; intent. We now have two modes of awareness; expansion (love) and contraction (focus). Relativity has begun. From the One comes Two and from the Two come the Myriad forms. That is the universe in a nutshell.

Now, as the process of focusing continues, we find the infinitely expanding awareness (Let's call it God because that sounds nice) discovers that is has a body. We call it the universe but to God, it is a body and its body parts (us for instance) have a mind of their own. From the most primal of interactions, a sense of identity grows. Even the most basic thought has an identity. As the created form becomes more complex, the awareness of self grows as well. The more complex the form, the more self aware it becomes. Eventually, awareness has turned upon itself so much that it recoginzes that it seeks awareness of All That Is. Because even such a self seeking focus is made of the very stuff of All That Is, it has access to just that much awareness and may still be self aware in that same instant. It grows steadily towards completing the circle of expansion and contraction to the max.

Perhaps, we, as humans, may reach a state of consciousness that holds both the awareness of self (Identity) and the awareness of God. At such a passage, we will curl in upon ourselves so tightly that we create something akin to a black hole (antimatter?). To the observing eye, the being simply disappears. Such a realized being can then choose to focus their awareness enough to recreate 3D reality and reappear or to move on to the challenge of more complex dimensions.

Ascension, Ho Hum! And where does fear (that is the topic isn't it?) come in? More importantly (shudder) where does it leave?

First, we must recognize that fear is a perception. It has no life of its own save what we lend it in response to this perception. Its existence is limited to the emotional body. Fear is essentially an energetic wave of awareness focused on and moving toward separation from the rest of creation. Whether we catch and ride this wave away from our soul's objective or let it wash on through us and go back to doggedly pursuing our return to the infinite, is a matter of choice alone. The fear we experience in the face of a perceived physical danger and the fear we feel facing our own divinity and the dissolution of the ego (a myth, but a stubborn one) come directly out of a patterned response buried in our emotions. We have built layer upon layer onto our personally created definitions of fear. Too, we have developed a myriad of ways to avoid experiencing fear.

As we've discussed, for pure awareness to take on form, it must become self aware to the point of near motionlessness. The path for this transfrormation leads from pure expanding awareness through thought, thought of self, feeling, feeling of self to form or matter. Of course, it is not as simple as that, but that is the pattern overall. You can guess that the the passage from pure energetic feeling into feeling of self brings the first inklings of fear. By the time spirit takes on physical form, it is practically screaming out the experience of fear.

Those who experience the awareness of "lower" forms, organic and inorganic are often struck by the apparent slowness of the motion of their awareness; especially compared to their own quixotic and wide focussing perceptions. That is why we use rocks and trees and so on to "ground". Their stable, slow moving awareness can help us to become steadier inside. As we learn to hold a more rapid acceleration of awareness in conjunction with the slower molecular or mineral perception, we even begin to converse with rocks and tree and such. In the other direction though, the fear experienced is so great that perception is slowed to a near stand still to ward off the painful crushing terror. The most fundamental and sometimes only perception of some (not all) rocks is "ROCK". Its peception of spirit is almost completely blocked off. There is a lesson in this for us.

Even rocks interact and by interacting, experience change. They progressively make the turn back towards spirit by becoming immeshed into larger forms of creation. As the created forms continue towards complexity, the experience of spirit increases, pulling creation towards itself as it expands from the inside out. The experience of self awareness expands as well and the fear which once drove it plunging into inner silence pushes creation along towards spirit once more. Thus, the motion towards the divine that fear inspires is cyclic in nature. Once the balance point is reached at "rock" or whatever that most quiet point of creation may be (don't really want to go there), the mad rush is enjoined with the ferocity achieved on the way "down" to matter. With fear slowing us to one step back while love draws us two, then three, then a million steps forward, we get to bring a complete state of self awareness with us into expansion into the divine.

At the human level, we are so far past the possibility of fear bringing us to a halt that we can really only respond to this cosmic flux by growing. Even those poor neurotic souls who are driven mad by fear and its avoidance must experience some of it directly and be healed, if only in tiny increments. We reach an eventual stage where the experience of fear becomes a spur to our growth on a conscious level. We even begin to seek it for the challenge of it. Finally, this feeling, rooted in a perception of separateness from God, is simply accepted as a temporary experience of the richness of the moment and it no longer holds a charge.

From this point, the drive to expansion is overpowering. We inevitably dance with spirit in this flow, stepping forwards toward love with an occasional step back from fear. This way, we hold our awareness of self as we move into the bliss of oneness. In this way, the purpose of creation is fulfilled.

So what do we do with this understanding?

Approach fear as a challenge. It tests our progress and provides an inner stability needed to navigate the unknown. Recognize that fear pushes us along towards our ultimate goal as surely as love pulls us. It forces us to maintain our focus of self awareness as we explode into the awareness of God. As we clear our emotional bodies of the results of blocking the flow of energy we've perceived as fear, we can see that this is the energy of intent or focus itself at a coarser level. We can push beyond the fear to a refined experience of intent. As the energetic push becomes more subtle, we reach deeper layers of the self and greater trust in its rightness. In desire, the mental equivalent, fear and love can integrate into a perception of oneness, given the lack of attachment to the result of our desire. This is where the pure experience of joy takes place, even in the most dire of circumstances.

Practice facing fear directly. It goes against "instinct". At least, it runs counter to the training of lifetimes in human form. By facing fear we can discover that, like a schoolyard bully, it will back down from the light of scrutiny. By acknowledging its existence and looking beyond fear, we can then choose freely our coarse of action and align ourselves with the will of our souls. We discover the safety of this universe and our right to choose happiness in the moment, trusting the future to unfold in perfection. By experiencing the moment as fully as possible, we can allow fear to be just another passing energetic event filling our perception and then moving on.

I would like to share now the most effective and aeasy technique Iknow to plug into the moment and set aside fear and anxiety. This is a technique that will afford a quick and comforting touch of the wholeness of your being. Follow this link to: In the NOW!

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