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On Free Will

Is there such a thing? Of course there is! Of course too, the prevailing definition needs some serious tweaking. This may be a good time to peer into where the control really lies in reality creation. After years of drilling that we create our own reality, perhaps it is time to fess up. Most of what we think of as "we" is just along for the ride.

As humans, our experience of the universe is one of perception only. Our beliefs, the filters for our thoughts, structure these perceptions. We see what we believe. Emotional energy, being more dense than thought, takes longer to be perceived and physical "reality" even more so. Where does the oomph come from to create the manifestations we perceive? How smoothly does the manifestation really mesh with our perception of it? In other words, why do bad things happen to good people?

Whatever beliefs, goals or fantasies we hold dear, the soul has its own agenda. At the level of our souls, we pursue evolution relentlessly. Each and every event which we encounter is carefully constructed in response to our beliefs, to offer us precisely what we need to see, to grow as much as we will allow, toward the source of our being. Big mouthful eh? What it boils down to is that the degree of enlightenment we will allow in each moment is the limiting factor in the creation process. It is not about being good or bad. It is not about being powerful or impotent either. It is about how much intimate contact with our own souls we dare to permit. The flow of spirit through thoughts into feelings and finally into matter, is inexorable. Though our egos influence the final creation mightily, it is still spirit flowing into matter that we experience.

What does this mean in terms of free will? It means that in each moment we are free to choose to go along willingly with the movements of the soul (go with the flow) or we can choose to go against that flow (and suffer) out of fear. Even if we habitually choose to fight that higher will, indulging our fear and suffering dearly for it with illness, stress and heartache, eventually we will tire before the soul does and relent to the ceaseless evolutionary wave. In the meantime though, we may endure pain and loss and death, believing that to be our lot in life. We can give ourselves to a view of the universe that is small and predatorial with vengeful Gods and strict rules for salvation.

Why do that? How can we break that cycle that we were raised to believe in?

This mad dash away from the impulses of the soul is learned behavior, learned thought, learned belief. It takes a rebellious spirit to question such training and to explore the unknown territory that such questioning reveals. Once the questions are asked though, the impulses from the soul start trickling in. As the sense of rightness becomes commonplace, even normal, these pulses of energy become sought for and trusted. The answers to our questions get tested in the crucible of daily life. Faith grows as they are proven accurate and dependable. It is faith that breaks the cycle of indoctrination that maintains the slavery of culture. Faith that allows us to listen more intently to the voice of intuition. Faith that the universe is created and maintained by the largest part of our being. The needs of each aspect of creation are the same, to evolve. It doesn't matter how that evolution appears to us looking from the outside in. Each machination of the soul is designed to promote the best interest of the whole being, which is evolution. Each event in life is designed to promote the experience of joy. Armed with such faith, the fragment of divinity we call human is free to experience each moment as fully as they will permit, knowing that the future will unfold in perfection and requires no effort from the individualized ego.

To summarize into a handy catch phrase: The only free will is to go along willingly with the will of God or to fight it kicking and screaming. Life will push us along where it wants us to go. We can choose not to co-operate. Whoopdeedoo! Some choice. Considering the very large degree of joy attached to going with the flow of life, isn't it strange how hard we work to fight it?

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