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The View from the Soul


What is left for you but to practice? It is entirely up to you to choose how to live your life, what to believe, what to have faith in. All of the other questions that may arise will be addressed first by the fundamental assumptions we have been discussing with you. If you assume that Life Itself is benevolent, if your God is a loving God, you will have a fundamental faith that whatever life brings you will have purpose and meaning. If you assume that the universe is predatorial, dog eat dog, that you are the victim of an objective world over which you have very limited power, you will be in constant struggle to survive and to wrench whatever happiness you can from the death grip of despair. Perhaps you will assume that life is the random result of chaos in action, that there is no meaning and the only purpose is to grab for whatever you can get. The choices are endless and thoroughly yours to make. We have endeavored to offer you one possible alternative which holds the potential for unlimited happiness and joy.

Because you absolutely must choose one of the possible fundamental schemes of the universe, this one may work for you if you decide to try it. It is not possible to get from one moment to the next without some deeply internalized philosophical assumption about the nature of life. It is intrinsic to your existence. Perhaps it is unconsciously held but it is there.

As you can see from our dialogues in the books we have written with our friend here, our relationship with him has changed considerably since "Your World is a Metaphor" first began. He has slowly and with remarkable gentleness and grace, expanded his self-definition to embrace our presence within the vastness of Self. He owns these words. There is no longer a need for ritual, special circumstances or "sacred space" in order for him to accept our counsel or dictation. He quite simply lives it and so our thoughts and his become one.

The Messiah lives within you all, in every spark of awareness out of which the universe in all its dimensions is created. The amount you embody and express is the product of the depth and degree of your imagination. Embrace that image into your own Self and you express that exalted state into your world. Deny that you are the Son of God and you deny yourself the full expression of God's love. All you have ever wished for is as simple as this. It is who you already are. Simply open yourself to being your desire and it is instantly fulfilled. If you want love, then love. Be love, love unconditional. Love everything. Instantly you will realize that you are infinitely loved by All That Is.

If you want joy, be joy. Open your feelings to the experience of joy and see that joy is within even pain and suffering. Practice it often and you will find it available everywhere. If you want wealth, be wealth. Be the source of your experience of wealth. Tear down the beliefs about life that say you cannot have what you want. Those beliefs are not descriptions of reality, they simply structure what you perceive of the infinite potential of the universe. Choose new beliefs that support your desires and you will be amazed at how willing life is to shape itself to your desires.

Yes! The Messiah is within you, all knowing, all loving, all powerful. Embrace that identity and all questions are answered, all craving satisfied, all purpose revealed. You are the Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Mohammed. All that you have dreamed of the world, all that you have experienced, all that you seem to know has sprung from the depths of your being into what you perceive as form. Own that! Be that! Remove the limits to your experience and expand into infinity. Nothing will be lost to you and you have everything to gain.


Our work with our friend here is nearly at an end. He no longer needs to see our input as an outside influence. He no longer desires to hide behind the facade of channeling an Ascended Master. He now understands that we are All One Being. Beneath the appearance of individuality that our self-created illusion of separation has granted us, the unity of All That Is is an experience available to all points of awareness, all creatures great and small. Our friend here has learned this and can access the direct experience whenever he chooses. May he choose so often.

You have such a choice as well. In every moment you choose the parameters of your experience. You decide who you are right now out of the endless possibilities, the unlimited potential. Just like our friend here, you can choose to become an innocent child of God, dwelling in the Garden of Eden once more. You too can spit out the fruit of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and accept the fruit of the Tree of Life. Embrace life with unconditional love and all that you may desire becomes yours. From the very beginning of your universe, you were granted dominion over your creation. The world you have experienced, that you have fostered and grown through the vast power of your imagination, is a construct of your consciousness. It does not exist outside of yourself. It is yours to shape as you so choose. Embrace this power and it becomes real. Wield this power and your world will be forever transformed.

The power of aspiration is immense beyond human awareness. It is the source of who you are. It goes beyond your human Self and speaks from your Soul. Every resource of your being rallies in support of your highest aspirations. Every time you consciously choose your most exalted vision of yourself, your entire being sings in harmony to bring that vision into form. You need not let your arguments against that vision stand as "real" barriers to being who you want to be. Such arguments as "I have not earned that yet" or "I do not deserve such joy" can be released simply by accepting them as who you used to be. Now, you choose to be who you aspire to be.

Every time you notice pain, sadness, anger or fear repeat these words, "I deserve to feel wonderful!" Let these words bring you back to the joyous feelings you have practiced as you release the belief that your situation, circumstances, even your body, is real and out of your creative control. Open to feeling wonderful right now and watch how immediate healing can be. Just like everything else in your experience, pain is a construct of consciousness. Choose otherwise and practice it so often that feeling wonderful becomes automatic. Pain will be easy to release when you gain such power.

Your Soul, you see, has used pain to bring you home. Your Soul shows you your creative power by fueling the expression of your desires, conflicts and all. Your self-limiting beliefs try to stem the flow of that infinite power and thus you have pain. You then can see more clearly such beliefs and choose new ones. Your Soul leads you to those new beliefs through the inspiration that fuels your imagination of who you can be. Your aspirations, who you want to be, spring thus from your imagining and growth occurs. As you tap into the unlimited resource of an infinite identity, you touch your Soul and it speaks through you into the world.

The world, your world, is touched most deeply by this thrust of Grace. It is thoroughly changed by each moment of such direct contact with your Soul. It changes as you change; grows as you grow. It contains whatever you imagine it contains; expresses whatever you decide is real. Decide that pain and suffering is real and you will see pain and suffering in your world. Decide that all expressions are expressions of God, of your Soul and thus are perfect and appropriate and meaningful and you will find that joy in your world. Be who you most dearly want to be and your world will change as you change. It will support you. Be love and the world will fill with opportunities to love. Be abundance and the world will fill with opportunities to share. Be wisdom and the world will run as smooth as clockwork, rich in opportunities to see the inherent wisdom in its structure.

We are Kuthumi, the Love Wisdom. We choose always to love and to observe the perfection inherent in you as in all of creation. Always you are invited to share this full experience. Always we are available to your calling. When you call us, we will speak to you in your own words, with thoughts not unlike your own thoughts. The test is whether these thoughts and words lead to happiness and joy. We inspire and support love and the wisdom of joy. We offer you guidance to this lofty experience. Call us soon and often.


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