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A Daily Walk with God

We have bounced you back and forth with our terminology on the subject of your relationship with God. Sometimes, by simply using the word God, we imply something separate and distinct from yourself. This is the essential failing of words. They separate whatever they touch. Still, you might assume that the basic schism between your Self and God is a made-up one. Your identity as a separate being is all that stands in the way of unity with All That Is. Your choice is the crucial factor. If you choose unconsciously to remain unchanged, you perpetuate your separation and your pain. Step boldly into a new identity and you can release yourself from suffering alone.

We offer these seeds for you to plant in your minds, if you so choose. Use the exercise in the last chapter to plant these seeds of a new identity. Repeat this process often until it becomes an automatic assumption that you are your own creator. It is NOT blasphemy to identify with God. It is a description, an accurate one. Be bold and acknowledge this identity. We have suggested that, in your world, no other person exists save for the existence you have granted them in your infinite creativity. If they exist at all (and how can you know for sure?) they exist in their own piece of infinity which may just overlap yours a little, but only where and when you choose. At a deeper, higher, larger level of your being, you ARE them too. There is only one of you, the real you, in the whole universe. Every aspect of creation in all of infinity is you.

You ARE God.

Choose this identity in this very moment. Let it expand to fill your future. Reassert it whenever you can remember to. Make all of your life decisions with this identity in mind. Allow your life experience to change.

You have insisted until now that your Soul was yours and yours alone. We ask you to expand your vision. Your Soul is our Soul is everyone's Soul is God's Soul. Just because you have only known your little life as your own does not mean that that is all that you are.


Look out at your world now; the rocks and trees, the buildings and people around you. Look at them with this new definition, "You ARE me!" See all these manifestations of your infinite Soul as part of your wholeness. Every person, place and thing is every bit as much a part of you as your hand or heart or mind. Practice this identification. Let it become your new norm. It is OK to be All That Is. The little you that you have identified with, the tiny human life in the vast sea of an infinite universe, has never really been alone. When you let yourself be this vast sea of an infinite universe, you truly are alone. You are all that is. You have never truly needed another like you in order to survive or to be happy. Still, that fear of being alone, totally responsible for your experience, has sent you fleeing from the direct experience of your whole Self.

Look out now at your world and own it in its entirety. It is your creation, made out of your own inner stuff. Be filled with your own creative power and imagination. Know deeply that your every desire is manifested in the world you inhabit.


How much of that power have you granted yourself so far? Have you considered how large and complete your experience of your world already is? In each moment you encounter a rich and complex physical manifestation which you have meticulously built from birth until now. Every morsel of that experience is your creation. That part of it has thus far escaped you. If you see "other people" having experiences you desire to have, accept gratefully that inspiration through which you perceive these experiences as possible. You now know what you want. You simply have not allowed yourself that yet. The experience is not inaccessible just because someone else seems to be having it instead of you. They are you after all, demonstrating what your heart wants you to know you desire.

Look carefully for what you experience of your heart's desire, whatever form it takes. Refuse none of it. Even the words you read are legitimate expressions of you fulfilling your desires. To read of these lofty goals and experiences elevates you toward direct experience of such exalted states of being. Let nothing stop you from seeing everything in your life as a spiritual experience. Look for the deeper meanings of your daily experiences. Believe they are indeed there and available to you. Refuse to believe that you don't deserve to know or feel or find out. Whenever such thoughts come up, as they often do, simply go back to looking for awareness because you know that you have a right to it.

When you look at the attributes of your spiritual growth, it is easy to get caught up in the realm of appearances. Is this what humility looks like? Is that inner peace? The search for validation that such questioning contains is a bottomless pit. There is not enough assurance to still the voice inside that demands proof. We ask you to suspend the search for proof and validation. Consider that proof does not exist and validation is merely your belief reflected back to you and not a genuine possibility. Offer yourself the acceptance and validation that you seem to crave. You can do this with a simple gesture.

When you recognize the desire for security that getting agreement from "outside" of your Self might offer, simply wave your hand, from left to right in front of you as though you were erasing a blackboard. Think, as you wave, "my happiness, right now, is my proof." Practice this for a moment right now. Find an example of wanting validation from the outside and practice.

We are going to make a radical suggestion to you now. We are going to ask you to perform a fairly large, though simple experiment. We will not offer an explanation or direction beyond what you need to begin. Follow through with this experiment and it will lead you to interesting places. You may, in fact, already have experience with what we will suggest. If not, however, please consider it.

For one month, perform this simple meditative exercise everyday, if possible. For only ten minutes, sit quietly and comfortably and repeat to yourself these words, "I AM!" Don't try to think about what they mean to you. Simply repeat them for ten minutes. Whenever you notice that you are not thinking, "I AM!," go back to it once more. Let yourself be filled with these two words. Stay tuned. When ten minutes is done, go back about your business of living without a thought to what you may or may not gain from this. Just for this short time every day, it is enough just to be.

If you must replace your usual meditation practice occasionally to follow this suggestion that will be OK. You will not lose anything in this process. Ten minutes a day is an achievable goal. Good Luck!


You have changed! You are not the person you were only moments ago, much less years ago. Now you are practicing an awareness that is far different than what you once knew to be yours. Remarkably, you are still you somehow. What is "normal" for you is greatly transformed. You now hold more of the present moment in your awareness than ever before. You have ideas of your spiritual identity through which you look at the world that you never even heard about a short time ago. You know that even more inspired concepts will come your way as your search for the truth continues. Let this knowledge offer you confidence and trust that your identity will not be lost if you expand into your wholeness.

The stories you have encountered about exalted human beings such as Lao Tzu and Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and Krishna and so on have played a significant role in your growth. They display your willingness to believe that it is possible to embody a God-like awareness in this physical plane. Perhaps how that is possible remains a mystery to you. Certainly the possibility that you can become this awareness is harder to embrace. Still, if the one is true, the other might be as well. Through us, you offer yourself the statement that it truly is possible, even for you. Your wholeness as a being is accessible to you. You can embody that wholeness into three dimensions. In fact, you are doing that even now. You are simply not fully aware of it. Believe it possible and the experience will follow. Believe you deserve it and there will be no delay. Believe you have it now and in every now that follows and it will be your constant state of being.

It may seem terribly odd that you still encounter vestiges of your old universe. You still hear people complaining about how hard life is, or how much suffering they see in the world. These traces of old beliefs about reality will not just disappear when you have replaced them with your new concepts of what is real. Nothing is ever lost. Your world has enlarged. When such encounters take place, look to your new beliefs compassionately. This is a chance to forgive. You can forgive yourself for having doubts. You can renew your willingness to fulfill your desire for love and joy and peace. Act upon this renewal, following your heart's urges. You owe nothing to the world outside yourself. Any act which states who you want to be and what you want to experience will lift you up.

Remember that the world outside of you is a story that you tell yourself. You have told yourself this story for so long that you believe it to be true. Nonetheless, it is just a story. It is a metaphor describing the deeper reality of your interaction with your whole Self. As you walk through your life, begin to reframe the story in light of how you want your interaction with your whole Self to go. Look for the message in every manifestation you experience. See each rock and tree and person as a message from your Soul. These are not independent creations of some distant God that exist as obstacles to your happiness. They are parts of you that you conjure as part of the conversation you are having within your own Self. The purposes of that ongoing conversation are wholly joyful. You are allowed to be happy. That is who you are. You are allowed to sing your bliss to the Heavens. Do not hold back. Imitation, after all, is the highest form of flattery. If you wish to honor God, be God!

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