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The Lightbody

Kuthumi channeling
March 3, 1999

strange old man in funny clothes
Hello child. We are Kuthumi. Have you questions this fine day?

Please explain what is meant by the term "lightbody".

This term applies to a portion of your being that functions on another, unseen, dimension of awareness. It is unseen because you do not identify with it as being who you are. Therefore, you block the perception of its existence. The fundamnetal purpose of the "light body" is to act as a template of sorts for your physical existence. It represents the standing wave of your complete physical self. It is the source of awareness for your individual cells and the organized function of each organ. From your vantage point, it is more an awareness body than a light body. The later term emerges from the insistence on sensory data that physical identification produces.You want to cast your sense of structure onto other dimensions. This body can indeed be made to emit visible light but only from the perspective of its own level of awareness. By that we mean that when you perceive the universe from the perspective of that body, as opposed to the physical one, you can slow its vibration enough to radiate physical light. Of course, from that level of awareness, you know how the physical world is created. Doing this, and many other tricks, becomes very easy. You will find that the real trick at that stage of development is to discover how to blend yourself with others and sense an even more refined existence. This much like your present efforts to steop beyond the physical world and into this dimension we discuss here. Besides, what would be the point of projecting into the physical, showing off quite literally?

You might say that this is a realm of ideas, as opposed to objects. It is most easily reached through the mental body. Therein lies your next question.

Yes, how do we get there from here?

As we've discussed previously while on the topic of perfecting the body, we suggest turning your thoughts and desires to this aspect of your self. You do not have to construct the "light body". It exists already as an integral part of your larger self projecting into three dimensions. It is, after all, the very idea of your physical self from which that body you so dearly call your own is made. What you need do is to identify yourself with it. Much as you now identify with the physical. As your natural tendency, and rightly so, is to block most of the perception of that which does not fit your identity (or beliefs about who you are). You cannot see, hear, or feel this aspect easily. Please understand that you would have great difficulty holding together your physical manifestation if you did become open to its impulses without the conscious integration of their meanings. That way lies madness, quite literally. This is why we generally recommend against focusing on the brow chakra before the lower centers are well open and functioning. You need to understand a fair bit about who you are as a spiritual being before the very awareness of your cells can be integrated and make sense to you. Imagine hearing a billion voices inside you without the knowledge of how to integrate them all and hold your form together. If you suddenly woke up one morning and could see, or somehow perceive, the etheric body of each item of creation (or even just a few), you would not be able to function in three dimensions unless you knew what was going on in your changed world. Which coffee cup would you reach for? Would you grab the idea of toothbrush, or the physical manifestation of the greater reality?

As you begin to understand the metaphor that physical reality represents and know your self as spirit, more of the impulses of this refined stage of existence become available. Each experience in meditation, each "altered state" of consciousness, creates a larger identity. You step closer to accepting your "light body" as part of who you are. Now this is certainly a more easily grasped portion of your being than the state of merged focus we occupy. As the ideation of three dimensions, this state becomes the most accessible elevated state you can reach. It also accesses the infinite probabilities that your "light body" exists in. Plenty of unknown to explore though hardly the highest to which you can aspire. Still, it is a good start .

The process of identifying with your "light body" is a geometric progression. Each step in this direction gets longer, metaphorically. More and more of this portion of your being becomes "reality" to you until your identification approaches total. Obviously, you become able to function in three dimensions and this level of awareness. Now this dimension is not a physical one. You are quite inviisible to those still identified with the physical. You can, if you choose, project back into the physical but the possibility exists of becoming once more embroiled in the action back on Earth or some other planet. It is, after all, an excellent place to explore life in action. The realm of ideation has challenges of its own and will prove compelling in its own right.

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