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Your World is a Metaphor


The concept that your world of flesh and stone is an illusion, has been presented to human beings for millennia. It is not particularly easy to grasp the possibility that the evidence of your senses could be so wrong. The amazing focus of consciousness which makes your universe appear so solid is a testament to the overwhelming power of your beingness. Organizations of awareness (beings or entities and so on) marvel at the power you display in your grand adventure. We honor the fervor and commitment that you, as souls, live with each breath.

We will ask you in these pages, to come and play with us on the playground of your imagination. Any promises we make to you now about the safety in and the reality of your imaginings will be meaningless compared to how you will perceive your reality if you follow this course we offer. Still, we do insist that your physical universe is infinite in size and scope and expands into infinite dimensions. Within that largeness, there is room for every thought, every fancy, every flight of your reverie, to have a reality that is valid and that holds meaning to your present state of consciousness.

Everything which intersects with your consciousness (a fancy way of saying each experience) springs from the forward motion into growth. That is the very nature of existence. Each event is exquisitely timed to fit the mosaic of your being. Each interaction, each tragedy, each moment of joy is meaningful and contributes to your realization of who you are. Trust the synchronicity; temporarily suspend your need to understand all the details. That will come. We will offer you hints and clues that will open your universe to you a little. You are Christopher Columbus, ready to step off the edge of your world if you must to have the chance to explore the unknown.

Imagine being so engrossed in the book on your lap that you do not hear the dog barking in the yard or smell the cookies burning in the oven or feel the breeze on the back of your neck. Your concentration is so total that you are completely engrossed in your reading, the ideas expressed, the images conjured, the feel of the pages and its weight on your lap. For significant moments at a time, this becomes your whole universe. The depth and breadth of your focus determines how thoroughly this book becomes your reality. You demonstrate an astounding ability to shift that focus from these pages back into the reality you imagine existed before you picked up the book and immersed yourself in its ideas. What is most amazing is that your imagination is so strong that your reality has changed while you read.

Meticulously and with daily practice throughout your years and even into other lifetimes, you have constructed a universe which appears immutable. The very stability of focus you so cherish, now keeps you from questioning whether the reality you perceive is genuine and the only game in town. Even the most talented writer is unable to bring such believability to a work of the imagination as you have with your universe. We are not suggesting that your experience and your universe are works of fiction. Indeed, they are very real. In fact, the solidity of your universe is what makes it so compelling. We merely suggest that the realm of substance and sensation is not the be all and end all. We suggest that your world is a reflection into the seemingly finite of the movement of the obviously infinite. It is a projection of an infinite awareness, yours, into form. This dimension exists for the simple purpose of creating a kind of experience otherwise impossible, yours. Much the same could be said for all the other dimensions but, as this is the dimension you have chosen to explore, we will focus here as well.

Now, your reality is not some capricious or random creation. Its parameters are not selected by whim or catch as catch can chance. The fundamental nature of all realities is expressed through yours as well. The principles of this creation are as uniquely expressed as the principles of personality development are expressed in you. Indeed, other explorations into physicality are as bizarrely different from yours as you are from your neighbors or from someone clear across your planet. The thrust of creativity is as culturally unique as societies ancient and modern are in your world. The physical "rules" of other worlds differ as the mores and customs of your own civilizations do. They reflect the deepest longings of the souls involved in creating those worlds, just as the rules of your world reflect your longings as spiritual beings. Let's be frank, you have not ventured far enough from your own planet to do more than guess that the whole infinite universe you glimpse from there is built to conform to your perception of reality. Indeed, each solar system "out there" has its own expression of universal thought which could be very alien to you.

In the pages that follow, we will offer you a peek at the source of your being. The rules of the universe, not just your own but of All That Is, are very simple and straightforward (in a round about way). You express these rules in a wonderfully complex way which we will endeavor to describe to an extent. Though we are limited by words, we have many words to work with and much can be implied if not said outright. The point is to open your perception into a larger view of life, its meaning and its methods. We will offer you ways to see life differently than you do now and to discover how and why you can be happy and joyful throughout your days. Though we may suggest you begin to dismantle the carefully constructed perception of your reality, we will offer a much grander one in its place. After all, this world of sight and sound, of rock and water, teeming with life in myriad forms, is but a metaphor for the infinite possibilities which your adventure in awareness can offer.

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