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"I AM"

This bursting moment point of consciousness, springing from the perfection of the void is the true Big Bang! Like all perspectives, your science's postulation that, somehow, vast amounts of matter existed in one big ball that exploded outwards into the cosmos, has bits of TRUTH but does not, can not encompass the wholeness of the universe. Since science can not address the very existence of this BIG BALL of STUFF, it remains a cosmic mystery; to science.

What is missing in this theory and all others, based upon empirical observation, is the unobservable but primal cause: consciousness. "I AM" is the one constant in the ever expanding explosion of existence (lovely phrase, no?). It is the infinitesimal starting point of every single immeasurable quantum force and every gross material manifestation in ALL THAT IS. The "BIG BANG" did not happen! It is happening. Matter is being created by this same bursting of consciousness in every moment point throughout the infinite universe, constantly.

In this constancy, the Universe is both static and ever-changing in every measurable moment. The Grand Paradox! "I AM" is at the heart of every bit of creation. In expressing "I AM", every bit of creation bursts outward into the void just like in the "Beginning". Creation is forever ongoing. Even the lowly hydrogen atom, sub-atomic particle, quantum motion, participating in the formation of matter is but a part in the effervescent bursting of "I AM" into the void.

Because you habitually look at matter, at the world outside your Self, the rush to entropy is ploddingly slow and seemingly theoretical only. Surely planets and stars don't... Oh Yeah! They do! But it takes billions of years, right? It is actually happening in every moment as matter manifests and explodes outwards from every point in the void. The Grand Paradox! In communing in the "I AM" you will develop a new perspective on time which clarifies this perplexing, paradoxical paradigm.

We have told you in past communications how to manipulate the creation of your reality within the context of your life experience. We have even shown you how the vast flows of infinite expansion curl in upon themselves to form matter and energy and experience. We now call your attention to the more vast and inclusive perspective of the universe itself to show you how to participate in the primal awareness that underlies all of creation. We ask you to step out of your little life in order to open to the Oneness which you have proclaimed to be your ambition.

Until this point of view becomes your obsession, you will have pockets of attention attaching to the Ideal while you go about your days. You will find ways to apply your awareness of this Ideal to living in your world. The very activity of seeking out this inner thrust of consciousness will cause change in every aspect of your experience. You will be redefining everything with every new insight and loosening the stranglehold that physicality seems to have upon your psyche. Does that not sound like fun?

The more you ponder your world from the perspective of "I AM" and your participation in the Oneness of it all, the more ethereal your world will become. Also, the happier you will be. Each moment of knowing that you are One with All Things will relieve you of fears that stand in the way of joy, will help you release icons of victimhood in your psyche; will urge you to recognize and acknowledge and appreciate each person, place and thing in front of you as an expression of your Self, the "I AM". You ARE the "I AM" as we are, as is ALL THAT IS. Learning to appreciate and experience that identity is the ultimate purpose of ALL THAT IS.

So, that is our job together. To accomplish this awesome task, all aspects of your psyche will rally to the call. The call must be loud and consistent and the all of you must participate. Your experience will propel you more deeply than our own position in existence, very much to our benefit. We have excellent reasons to lend you our aid. Your growth is our growth after all. You will have many moments which can only be defined as "out of your mind". You will reach beyond thought, beyond the icons of existence, as you have known it, that structure your reality. In the dark inner silence of pre-thought, the ethereal flows of spirit and intent to the very core of "I AM", you will find profound peace, primal joy and infinite love. Good work if you can get it!

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