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Perfecting the Body

Kuthumi channeling
February 16 1999

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Hello child. We are Kuthumi. It is a pleasure to drop in tonight. Have you questions for us?

Yes. What is meant by the expression "perfecting the body"?

It is an easy trap to fall into, expecting spiritual growth to be displayed by mystical experience alone. Some people are born with an ability to perceive non-physical phenomena. Some too, come into this talent later in life. For many, this only signifies that one single chakra is opening and drawing upon subtle energies in the individual's field. To define spiritual growth in terms of these perceptions is to deny the wholeness of the self though. That would be limiting the value of so many aspects of consciousness that are necessary parts of the ascension process.

There are many references in "spiritual" literature to the perfecting of the body. Indeed, this is a valid part of the process, but it is an idea which needs defining. For the physical human to reach enlightenment, the body must be prepared to accept the subtle frequencies and still maintain its integrity. This is not a function of appearance! Perfection at this level refers to the ability of each cell to contribute to the awareness of the whole organism. The awareness at the cellular level must be merged with the consciousness of the whole. The health and vigor of the entire organism is the crucial issue.

How is this state of being created and what are the signs to look for along the way?

The physical body is the culmination of the creative process. Matter does not create spirit! Looking for health by nattering at diet and exercise and a lifestyle free of toxins is like counting to infinity, a never ending journey. Rather, look to the wisdom of the soul to create the proper conditions for its complete interaction with the physical self. First, identify with the soul and not the body. If one has thoughts about ascension then this process has already begun. Compare the impulses of the soul with the beliefs one has about one's self and life in general. Align these beliefs with the impulses from the spiritual body. The ripples will be felt throughout the self. The thoughts and their sturcture begin to change dramatically as the mental body begins to align with the soul. The emotions will then be felt as the thoughts which empower them change. Old stuck feelings begin to dislodge and be felt once more, demanding attention and expression in their rush to be released. The creative pressure of this energy will then impact the physical body to release its toxins, sometimes bringing cures and sometimes discharges. Don't be fooled. This is healing pain. It acclimates the nervous system to the intensity needed to accomodate the experience of spirit directly. For a time at least, pain creates the ability to enjoy bliss. As the nerves expand to the pressure, and the emotional body releases its toxins, the perception of essence, which instills ecstacy, becomes more possible. Have faith! What feels like suffering can indeed prove to be a doorway into joy.

As the nerves come to accept higher frequencies of stimulus, the joy which underlies sadness, grief, and even anger becomes more accessible. Relax and let the energy flow on through. Trust then builds. It is very safe to feel one's feelings. With each pass through the layers of pain and fear, one allows deeper awareness of the flow of energy through the systems. One's emotional awareness deepens, one's reach into the conceptual awareness extends. The purity, that is to say frequency, of the thoughts and feelings is heightened. The very cells of the body become changed by the quality of thought. One's very identity transforms. One can gradually become spirit, not just in fact (because that is truly what we are) but in identification as well. The awareness of self becomes aligned with the essence of the total being. The soul begins to manifest!

Perfection is consideraby different than previously assumed. It encompasses considerable openness to the unique expression of each soul into matter. The perfect body looks different on each person. It represents the unique expression of spirit into matter. It does, however, represent the complete acceptance of the highest frequency of energy that the physical universe can hold. Then one disappears!

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