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Greetings once again. We arrive once more at your call to share the light of our experience. The sincerity of your questioning is all we require to extend ourselves into your dimension of experience. In your world are the many views and the many ways of explaining how life unfolds. All are true! All hold a piece of the infinite. None can hold all of the truth. As much as it might give your heart comfort to hold onto the hope that you may someday find the one true path to joy and salvation, the only truth you will ever have is your own, constantly evolving and ever changing. Your truth will not be validated by everyone you know and it would not be any more true even if it were accepted by all.

It certainly requires courage to let your truth stand on its own. On the other hand, the rewards are far reaching. Knowing expands your identity, increases your self-esteem and launches a powerful thrust into the creative fabric of the universe. Ultimately, it adds a large increment to your experience of joy. In each moment of your life, you stand before God and state loudly who you are. It is this statement, made through every thought and every act, that is expanded outward into the world you see around you and into your past and future and into all of the possibilities that life holds for you. If, on the other hand, you stand in a place of loneliness and despair, this is how the world around you will appear.

We are with you to discuss "objective reality." Even though you have been taught to see the world as a fact, indisputable and beyond your control, it is not that at all. Your belief in it (the world) is what makes it appear so. Now, this is not to say that there is no objective reality, no universe that might exist even if you did not. We mean that such an objective universe is so vast that your non-existence is virtually impossible. Infinity is rather complete. We speak, though, of the universe that you perceive. Even at the very fringes of what you can potentially perceive and still express physically, your personal infinite universe is but a droplet in the ocean of the universe at large. Still, the very stuff of which you are made, awareness, is the basic building block of all the vast, eternal limitlessness around us all. It is to this primal piece of you that we speak. In this most fundamental aspect of you lies the key to the awareness of your divinity. It is from your sameness with All That Is that your greatest exaltation will be found.

It is one of those marvellous paradoxes that boggle the mind that you live in a reality of your own creation, a universe that revolves around you alone, and yet you are intimately connected to the entirety of creation. You are as much God as any other manifestation of infinity. So, why don't you know what you want for dinner? More importantly, how can you resolve the paradox enough to find the truth of yourself and express it throughout your life?

The marvellous thing about life is that you do this very thing in every moment. Even the most convoluted and conflicted experience of the truth of you is an expression of your very best effort in the present moment. You can do no less than your best. Life supports that effort to bring you as close to the core of you that you can be in each moment. What makes it appear to be anything less than perfection in action is the conflict between the truth of you, right now, every right now, and the arbitrary definition of perfection and what perfection looks like, that you have internalized from other people since your earliest days. What bridges the gap between these conflicting images is self-acceptance. By relaxing and embracing who you are in each present moment, you lay open your life to the expanding joy that life will then provide.

You are inexorably expanding to embrace the extremes of all the paradoxes which are the root cause of your dimension. There would, could, be no physical reality without the underlying paradoxes of existence. There is no rationale which can unify or rectify these vast polarities of existence and non-existence. Logic cannot possibly bring together your simultaneous experience of unity with and separation from God. Only the leap of intuition can bridge this gap. Look for the ring of truth within yourself for the power to make this leap. Trust the truth that only you can feel. Then apply logic to what makes your heart sing. Then choose the steps to take to put your truth into expression.

This brings us back to the choice of title for this work. Life is Nothing Personal. In our first co-operative effort, "Your World Is a Metaphor," we offered a view of your personal universe, infinite in size and scope, created entirely as an expression of your intent and will, conscious and unconscious, through the vast power of God which courses through you in every moment. Your experience of time, both past and future, even into past and future lifetimes is an entirely present moment phenomena. Time expands outwards in infinite directions from your present moment with all of the integrity you can muster within that present moment. The more stable and secure your identity, the more free you are to perceive the infinite possibilities inherent in the moment. The more addicted you are to the past and its linear format and history, the more limited your perceptions of all time, past and future. Integrity then means the ability to integrate the vastness of the reality of your being into your conscious perception. Integrity does not mean the degree of control of the "objective world" that you can exert upon your perception.

If these ideas are revolutionary to you, we suggest absorbing more of their detail by working with the ideas and exercises in "Metaphor."This work will move forward from there as much as our friend here will allow.

Even while your perception of reality is a very personal choice in each and every moment, REALITY, in very capitol letters is an intensely impersonal construct. The essence of all creation is but One thing. When you touch your own essence, you touch the essence of all. This means that in essence, you are equal to all things. You are no more important to God than these pages, your chair or some free floating piece of space junk. The universe could not exist without you. It could not be infinite with ANY exceptions. Still, it is equally dependent on the existence of all of the rest of the threads that make up its fabric. Your individual existence matters, in any emotional way, only to you. You create your reality in every moment, populating it with whatever people, things, feelings and ideas, that you choose. Only you experience it in any real way or define its meaning. At the same time, so to speak, you are always intimately connected to the universe at large, the universe containing the universes of every other spiritual being, recognizable to you or not. Your fundamental purpose is to experience Godness through its expression. You have access to many dimensions in order to accomplish this expression. The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms, each constructed of infinite parts, are accessible to you. You play very consciously in each. Expanding into each enlarges your identity.

You would be well served to loosen your definition of Life. It is a state of being that has nothing to do with mobility, organic chemistry or sentience. Widen your view to accept that life is the primary building block of all of creation. Life is awareness itself, not turned inward, not awareness of self, merely awareness itself. This basic awareness is so primordial that it is not even aware of being aware. Only when it touches another point of awareness does it experience that awareness exists. Only when it turns inward, on itself, does it become aware that it is aware. From this point, the first, most subtle inklings of I and Thou, Me and Not-Me, begin. This is the One Becoming Two, the forming of Yin and Yang, the primal Thought. This most basic spark of existence is the inevitable result of infinite expansion of primal awareness which we call God.

As the explosion of primal awareness continues throughout infinity and acts upon all of creation both primally and continually (if seen on end as though time were real) the turning of these streams in on themselves creates a pulsing of inward and outward movements. These pulsings are experienced as pulses of on and off, of being and not-being. These pulsings are mirrored in every dimension. They are essentially pulses of awareness from the unmanifest to the manifest. Nothing is ever lost from the infinite. The pulsing into not-being though, is the foundation of fear which is experienced then in every dimension. Fear, then, is the momentary shutting off of an awareness of being. The next experience of being removes the source of its fear. Trust, then, that there will indeed be a next experience of being, becomes a vital ingredient of awareness of the wholeness.

We would ask you to consider how you might come to perceive these essential movements of infinity from a personal point of view. If the universe exists to support your view of yourself, you could not possibly grasp such primal states of being. Still, such primal states occur within you constantly as within all of creation. They are ongoing and as such, accessible to your experience. We suggest that to experience them, you need to set aside your personal, individual constructs. You have envisioned God in your own image and cast that out into your world. Only by stepping out of the personal can you begin to touch your own essence.

Let us walk together on a journey to the thoroughly impersonal. We shall examine a universe that you select as you go along and expand it towards what really is. We shall examine the space between your thoughts that reveals glimpses of totality. We shall explore the essence of you that touches the infinite directly. This is a journey that can only be taken collectively. You will see the rest of your kind wending their way along this expansive path as you go. You will have cause to rejoice as you feel this expansion and know its inexorable bliss. Welcome to our world!

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