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Perfect Makes Practice

Betch'ya think it is pretty hard to put all these ideas into practice in your daily life, don't ya? Consider for a moment why you might be here in the first place. Is it some kind of punishment to be physically alive? Some would have you believe that becoming human was some kind of mistake or a condemnation for some transgression of your Soul. Your creation stories tell many versions of such life after life after life sentence for spiritual sins you are quite unaware of in the here and now. Following this program that we have offered may lead you to another conclusion entirely. When you begin to access the joy of your whole being, the point of your existence may begin to appear a lot less punitive.

The tale we tell is of the expression of perfection that you already are. You cannot make mistakes, not on Earth or in Heaven. The fear which condenses spirit into matter is not wrong, bad or imperfect. It is an expression of your God-Self too. You follow that fear into worlds without end. You express your God-Self in every moment. No thought, feeling or action is meager, evil or capable of displaying all of infinity. Neither are you, as a human. The human expression of your God-Self is an example of perfection in action. Letting go of judgements about your expression of who you are opens the door to more of the wholeness to be expressed.

We suggest you let go of all the restrictions you have learned to place upon your thoughts, feelings and actions. See them for the jailers that they are. The limits you place upon your expressions, how you act, what you say, who you interact with, thwart the flow of the joyful infinite being that you truly are. Be on the lookout for every impulse to hold back, limit or resist being who you are in every present moment. Let yourself feel what you feel. Be aware of what you think and choose what your heart really desires. Take charge of who you want to be. Let no idea stand in your way as you go through your days. Practice letting go. Ultimately, it is the letting go that will reveal to you your whole Self.

You are here because you have chosen to be here. You can choose anything else that you can imagine, if you are willing to let go of what you have chosen before. Your world seems so constant and solid because you have insisted it be so. Letting go of that stranglehold on "reality" can reveal infinity in all of its potential. The choice to express your Self into form is an expression of universal, unlimited joy, through the filter of your fear driven identity as separate. If you are not experiencing that joy right now, it is the result of your choice alone. Ask why you choose less than unlimited joy. Go right at whatever fear stands in your way and choose joy once more. Got a better alternative?

In spite of appearances to the contrary, life is not in the least complex. You are essentially simple. Simple essence! Move into the center of your Self, your direct experience of the present moment. Honor your experience of life by staying centered there. Nothing else matters. Indeed, nothing else can be proven to be real at all. All that you know for sure is your direct experience of thought, feeling and matter; and that is pretty mysterious to you. You can, however, choose how you want to feel, where you want to look for truth. Choose the source of your Self and you can see the world outside you as but one of an infinite variety of ways of expressing who you really are.

The spiral of life brings a constant ebb and flow of active and passive movements. Sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you don't, as the advertisements declare. At times, you will be remarkably self-disciplined and put your highest aspirations into practice in your daily life with seemingly no effort at all. Other times, you may seem to be hopelessly stuck in old patterns of thought, feeling and action. Every attempt to even think about your spiritual Self, personal growth or self-betterment seems to require wrenching effort. At such times, remembering that one is not better, more holy or more sacred than the other can be truly challenging. At such times, practicing forgiveness can be the most exalted position possible. Indeed, on the inward turn of the spiral, forgiveness applied to Self becomes a most powerful statement of trust and faith.

From this springboard of forgiveness/acceptance, we address the active side of the spiritual practice in your daily life. Opposed to unconditional acceptance on the grand continuum of creation is the irrefutable will; the all powerful Will of God. This indomitable will is not something outside of you by the way. It is your will in absolute terms, the will of your whole Self. You have come to the state of awareness you now enjoy so much by learning to balance acting willfully with letting go. You learned this balance by bouncing, at times wildly, from one extreme to the other, letting other people's description of reality to become your own on the one hand and battling against that description to create what you want on the other hand. You approach a conscious balancing by assuming your own description and accepting whatever you perceive as being what you have created. The closer you get to a harmonious balance between faith and will, the more you can embrace the intensity of experience at the extremes.

The pure thrill of creation does not throw you into spasms of guilt and shame and fear. The total joy of unconditional acceptance does not shake your security or sense of identity. The power of your identity increases as you open to this intensity of experience in the moment. That power shapes your world and offers harmony and balance to your entire universe.

Moving outward from the balance point in either direction can be an easy flowing motion when you hold conscious awareness of balance throughout. By becoming very familiar with the alternation of willfulness and letting go, you come to be able to recall that bridging point of balance automatically. The slightest wobble, a moment of frustration or guilt or fear, will bring you up sharply and you will choose to return to balance immediately. Explore this feeling of accepting all that you are while knowing you are creating it. Explore the perfect rightness of being you, while knowing that you get to choose who to be next. Then, when either side of that equation gets overbearing, you can apply the skills of the other side of the equation to bring you back to the peaceful comfort of balance.

A most effective way to carry that comfort into your daily life is to look at each of your acts in the world as symbolic gestures. Mindlessly acting out of routine, for instance, throws you into an imbalanced state quite forcefully. When you act mindfully, you sense the deeper meanings of even the most mundane of acts. There are no meager acts. All acts are meaningful and symbolic of deeper spiritual awareness. It can be no other way. Spirit creates matter! Pay attention to the spiritual roots of your actions and they will not draw you out of bliss. You will not lose touch with the joyful point of balance.

The simple act of wiping the sleep out of your eyes, when performed as a symbolic act, will be more pleasurable, more deeply meaningful, connect you to more subtle layers of your Self and lead you to beliefs and definitions that structure your experience. While you enjoy it more than ever, you may also discover that you harbor a description of the world that dictates that "waking up is hard to do." The deeply relaxing nature of the act may bring you to a deeper acceptance of pleasure and a deeper love of Self. It may also bring healing warmth and love to your face and eyes. The mindless repetition of such an act offers none of these perks.

Acting symbolically tends to lead to the suspension of dull routines. You become aware of the uniqueness inherent in every manifestation, every action. You even inject uniqueness into your actions from the outset by being mindful. Your acts become expressions of who you consciously are right now. You need not stop or change or disrupt your routines to act symbolically through them. Simply pay attention to the foundations of your acts. If you discover that a routine does not satisfy you, does not fulfill your desire to be who you really are right now, you may choose to change it. You will have the opportunity to make that decision only by paying attention.

Every act springs out of a moment of decision. How many decisions do you make reflexively? If you are unaware of the decision you make to scratch your head or bite your fingernails or play with your hair, is it reasonable to expect to know that you have decided to think some dark thought or feel some burst of anger? Acting symbolically sets up a structure that makes even these subtle choices more obvious. You automatically give attention to more of your present moment awareness. You have already been doing this to an increasing extent. We suggest nothing Earth-shatteringly new here. At your present level of awareness of internal balance, you can progress through this process rapidly.

This is the experience of my Self that I am creating and I deserve the very best that I can imagine. So, what do I want now, how does that look to my Soul and how does it feel to have it? Amen

This simple prayer brings you into acting symbolically in a very natural way. It is the awareness in the moment of your boundless creative power. It carries the choice of what to create into the next moment from your spiritual Self, through mind and emotions into the physical world. Then, it carries you back to the balance with appreciation and enjoyment. Then, you are off to the next moment of choice. Most of your choices, like your next breath, happen just that quickly or more so. How mindful have you been of your choices?

This effort at mindfulness will result in sweeping changes at levels so subtle that you will only know by virtue of long-term shifts of mood and temper. On the surface, though, you may see a renewed desire to practice some spiritual disciplines. If so, we suggest choosing disciplines that express your highest aspirations. Decide for yourself what those aspirations might be and enact them symbolically. If you choose, for instance, a better relationship with your physical Self, you may choose a new regimen of diet and exercise or to get more sleep or to play more. The form that such a change will take will display how you define those aspects of life. Making your choice of food or activity a symbolic gesture will take discipline out of the equation. It will flow easily and painlessly.

Stopping the World

The tenacious grip that your identification with the physical world holds upon your consciousness begs to be addressed on a variety of levels. Acting from the top down, so to speak, as we have discussed is gentle, long-term and requires sustained attention. There is another approach which can help to dislodge you from your addiction to your everyday view of life and reality. It begins with the entrenchment of the spiritual view of your Self that we have been sharing with you in these books. Having a foundation of belief that will be strong enough to see you through the disruptions of your perception of solidity is vitally important. That is what we are about to address too, the disruption of the world you now perceive.

The world you now perceive is precisely the one that you believe is there. The construction of that belief is a very large edifice. All the wishing in the world will not tear that down in a lifetime. Processing all those fears upon which you have built a solid world will not undermine its hold on your consciousness. That will give you a boost of strength, vitality and will to actively dismantle your habitual perception, however. Such effort will lend you the confidence and faith that dissociating from the world you have always known will prove safe and effective. It will remind you that your experience of unlimited joy is the ultimate test to which all life experience can be put. It will not be enough to push you over the hump though. Something more is needed to break that stranglehold of physicality.

In order to accomplish the movement away from your habitual perception of the physical world, you will assume that perception to be the result of your repeated choice. Just as we recommend that you repeat your choice to experience joy, love, abundance, power, security and so on over and over so that it might become automatic, we suggest now a choice repeated over and over to release the physical world from your internal conversation. This conscious decision, held firmly will lead you from moment to moment into a new view of the world as one of many worlds; all real and all valid.

By this time, you may have practiced a daily meditation of a repeated mantra, interspersed with occasional sessions of other methods including visualizations, recapitulation exercises, sensory saturations and so on. We have discussed these previously in some detail. We have also discussed seeking silence in your meditation. It is to this we turn once more but with a deeper, stronger intent. Your practices have taught you much about the experience of more subtle levels of thought. You know what it feels like to catch thoughts before they become words. You can grasp large concepts, seeing many implications in bursts of mental focus. Take that deeper still and refuse to be distracted by even the most brilliant awarenesses. Go directly to total silence. This is the passive technique for shifting you from your habits of recreating the physical known world in every conscious moment.

Silence is a great leap of faith. You release the known Self when you release thought and feeling and sensation. The accumulation of moments of true silence accrues power like an automatic payroll deposit into your savings. You won't even know that your account is growing until you find yourself able to will your thoughts to cease for moments at a time with no formal procedures at all. It will then be possible to grasp the underlying structures of the world you live in. In the meantime, putting yourself into moments of silence will prove wonderfully therapeutic. The very effort is an act of inner peacefulness and trust. That alone will spread throughout your life. You assume, going into silence, a profound safety allowing you to release your almost constant struggle for control. That inner security will also permeate your daily life. Ultimately, by seeking silence, you affirm your spiritual roots, subtle beyond all human experience and desirable beyond all human riches.

You will need these foundation experiences because the active side of this effort will be disconcerting at times. We suggest you begin to tear yourself away from the perception of the physical world as reality. We will take this project in pieces as we have done before. Take your time moving from one step to the next. Be patient and persistent. Let go of your expectations of the results. You do not know what they will be anyway. Taking your eyes off of the physical manifestations will not immediately result in perceiving something else in any definable way. These exercises are symbolic acts which will galvanize your intention to increase your perception beyond the boundaries you have lived within throughout your life.

Our first exercise is to go walking. Plan on making that a daily habit for quite some time to come. These will not be languishing strolls across landscapes. They will be power-walks in a very true sense. In these walks, refuse to focus your vision upon anything. You can alternate between a soft unfocused gaze at the horizon and a quick shifting glance, a circular motion of the eyes that never rests upon anything long enough for your mind to name it. Going back and forth between these two kinds of visual contexts will keep your eyes relaxed enough to continue walking.

Make such walks fairly short at first as you build your concentration. Notice your tendency to habitually name those things which you permit your eyes to focus upon for even the briefest moment. You have meditated enough to know that subtle levels of thought require virtually no time at all to flash through your mind. The power of such thought when endlessly repeated is boggling to the mind. It is the power which structures infinity into the world that you perceive. As you walk, be cognizant of how ever-present is this tendency to name the objects you perceive. The simple naming carries with it all the power to construct your thoroughly familiar world. You have connected an entire solid universe to every name of every thing in that universe. To let your mind proclaim tree or chair or person, reconnects you with that solid universe in spite of all your effort to be open to a larger, more subtle world.

Begin with short forays, like to your mailbox or the end of the drive and back. Next week, head down the road a ways and practice disregarding the world outside you. Pay attention to the action inside, what is getting through from the outside world, what your inner senses are saying to you. Like silence, the results of this experience are cumulative. Not only does this activity produce moments of inner silence while you practice, but you will also find your well-learned compulsion to regard the physical world of everyday life as all that there is to creation beginning to lose its stranglehold on your conscious awareness.

Do not go looking for results as you practice though. Doing that will serve only to set you up to fail. Breaking down the continuity of your physical experience is mostly a

matter of letting go of your preconceived notions of reality. You already have expectations of how the world would look if you should see beyond its physical facade. Perceiving energy directly, for instance, is a fanciful notion and you have romantic attachments to it, much as you do to all manner of "psychic" and "occult" phenomena. Such notions, however, set up a powerful conflict with your inner drive to know who you really are as a being. From deep inside comes the desire to express your Self as spirit into form. Contrary to that, you want to read minds, foretell the future, see auras or be a healer. These desires are, at best, a deflection of the desire of your Soul. At worst, they represent another bottomless pit created by redefining your world while not aligning with your true desire. These are trappings of a human oriented defining of the universe. They are not a spirit oriented definition as we have been suggesting. Consider this: Does your desire to read minds, see auras, etc. flow from the unconditional acceptance of yourself as you are right now?

So, release your expectations of what this experiment will produce and simply do it as you walk along. Live with what will appear to be no noticeable results at all. You will not suddenly see auras or perceive energy or any such gross phenomena. These projections are simply extrapolations of the coarse physical construct you have lived in all your years. Your first signs of progress will be felt, not seen. Functioning in the world while turning almost entirely inward will sharply brighten your emotional experience in fairly short order. The intent to go beyond the physical is enough to set this in motion. By this time in your study, you will have reached many points of intense emotionality. This activity we are suggesting will spur even more. As you expand to embrace this increasing intensity, your mental strength becomes engaged. You seek meaning, interaction and control of the energetic force of strong emotion. This opens you to greater awareness of the contents of your own mind. As you learn to be the master in the moment of your emotional experience, you open to the spiritual flow of joy which runs through even the most painful feelings. This transforming flow will increase your faith, trust and security, allowing even greater acceptance of emotional experience. This is a win/win/win/win/win situation!

We repeat this description as prelude to this new level of intensity so that you may prepare to stretch your ability to accept what is in your present moment experience. Any opening created by our exercises will allow all facets of an experience to enter your awareness. When you open to deeper levels of the love experience, you also open to the divine frustration of the direct perception of the present limits to your ability to express your love. As the wave of love for all humanity washes through you, you also get to see that you cannot show that love to the species as you know it. There is a profound sadness which you open to when you open to love in more of its wholeness. You see humanity, in its quest for awareness, experiencing pain as well as pleasure. You desire to offer it solace, comfort, encouragement and affection. To express this physically is generally beyond you in most present moments, or so it seems. You are left frustrated and saddened.

If you are courageous enough to remain open in the face of this sadness and angst, you can discover that the flow of love is neither gone nor soured. It is the flow which inspires both the divine sadness and the exaltation. You, then, get to realize that every moment of pain, sadness, guilt and fear are the direct result of your refusal to love unconditionally. Your courage can lead you to the profound discovery of love in its wholeness, complete in the present moment. This wholeness which includes all expression and embraces all is the source of unlimited joy. It is the direct experience of the very stuff of which you are made. Open to it in its wholeness and you touch your Soul.

Even the slightest effort on your part to undermine the compulsion to structure your world as you have always done will reap meaningful results. We do not ask that you deny the validity of the physical world which you perceive. Instead, we ask that you expand your perception beyond the limits that your physical world suggests to you. Do not do these exercises as a denial of the world. That world is not an illusion. The illusion is that the physical world you know is the only world there is. The illusion is that your universe is the ultimate reality. It is one of an infinite number of realities that you have made into a God of sorts to keep your experience of life stable and predictable. Do these exercises in the spirit of, "There is more here than meets the eye." Recognize that there is emotional, mental and spiritual reality beneath the surface of every physical manifestation. Turning your attention away from the physical is an effective aid in opening to those more subtle expressions of your spiritual Self.


After practicing walking through your world with a soft gaze, opening to everything in your sensory field, begin to bring this practice into more complex activities. From the very first pages of "Your World is a Metaphor", we have encouraged you to open your awareness to all levels at once. This is no easy trick and so we have explored many levels in our discourse. This opening of attention is the most crucial skill to learn in your quest for awareness however. You have been learning to pulse your attention from openness to a sharp focus so that you can grasp these concepts we share. It is, however, the releasing of the sharp focus that allows for expansion. When you let go of your precise attention to detail, you can see the bigger picture. Then you can choose freely what to focus upon next. As what you focus upon grows, you can choose your next life experience. You can choose which aspect of your infinite spiritual Self to explore. What this asks of you is to actively let go of the physical world, to care a little less about how you look to others, how well you manipulate the world around you, how successful you are as a human. It asks that you care more for your Soul than for your body or personality.

The next time that you recognize that your attention is riveted upon some specific detail of the physical world, say perhaps these words before you now, without turning away from that detail, open yourself to the awareness of your physical body and all of its sensations. Then open to your feeling state and the atmosphere of the room around you. Continue to expand while continuing to read these words. Let all of the thoughts you can perceive be included in your consciousness as you read. You are well able to multi-task in this way, so don't hold back. Include now the very subtle spiritual flow which is the basic building block for all of these levels of experience. Feel the loving, joyful expansion which permeates all thought, feeling and manifestation. Even the paper upon which these words are written is made entirely of the spiritual flow.

Go back and read the last paragraph once more, opening to all of this experience as much as you can. Push your limits. Know those limits, all to be self-imposed and delusionary in nature. Go back and read it a third time, this time releasing your judgements about the "right" way to do this exercise. No experience is wrong. It will lead you towards your intended goal. Read the paragraph for a fourth time. Know that each moment holds the experience of an infinite universe. All you need to do is to open to that infinity to reap the reward of its unlimited joy. We will share with you a little secret. Every moment contains the opportunity and the challenge and the terror to choose a larger and more inclusive experience of divine joy. There need be no resistance to this expansion. Choose now a greater degree of joy than in your previous moment! It need not be the best ever but choose more than you allowed yourself a moment ago.

Perhaps you have wanted more exercises which are based upon your addiction to doing. You want to take action. You want immediate results, not some long term burgeoning of self-awareness. Your desire for instant gratification is not wrong or aberrant in any way. It is an expression of the simple truth that every moment is an infinite moment. Total and absolute enlightenment is available to you at any moment. Every wish ever wished has its full expression potential in every instant. Why not want what you want? All that stands between you and what you desire is the identity you have chosen that insists you do not, cannot, will not, have it.

Consider this:

The world you live in from day to day is a metaphor for the portion of your infinite Self that you have chosen to experience and define as real. It is not more or less real than any other world that you can imagine. You conjure images of a before-life and an after-life. You easily assume that such non-physical experience is possible even if you do not have the slightest idea how it would look or feel in human terms and even less of an idea of what it would be like in spiritual terms. You can imagine life as another gender, another race, even another species, progeny of another planet entirely. You make up scenarios based upon "what if" and see your life as markedly different than the one you now live. You cast your Self throughout time and history and imagine yourself with different bodies, circumstances and personalities. Some of these you even invest with passion and belief. They are real to you. All this we have discussed with you before but let us take things a step further.

Before the spiritual experience that you have come to define as birth, you dwelled in a realm that was thoroughly described by the experience of another. You thought the thoughts of another, felt the feelings, were pushed and prodded by the biological processes of another, all as an act of will on your part. Your world was totally created by and encased within the world of another. Even before life in the womb you were thoroughly circumscribed by the awareness of the whole universe. There was no definable you to be experienced. This was not a "bad" state to be in. You did not know pain as different from pleasure. You simply flowed with the pulses of the universe, moved by whatever those pulses might be. Among the impulses experienced in this expanded state was that of "I". As vast as your awareness was, in a flash you asked "who is experiencing this?" Things changed immediately. Suddenly there was "I" and "Thou", You and NOT You. You assumed separateness from the "rest" of the universe. In that flash of awareness, you splintered off into streams of identities in the mad infinite rush to expand. Whole universes were created which would expand in their own right to explore this phenomena of identity. The you that you know now flowed into the world you know as reality and think of as the only reality.

With conception, the unrealized potential of "I" begins to focus. The flowing awareness which is the universe turns inward and becomes aware of itself. This is the spark of life known in song and story. Liking the experience of selfhood, you draw to you similar awareness and begin to grow. You discover "I am this!" and "I am not that!" Though you know also "I AM!", the experience of separateness is fascinating and infinitely elastic. You begin to explore the meaning of "I" while gestating and expanding within a world conjured entirely outside of the "I" that you experience. As self awareness grows to compete with your awareness of and acquiescence to the wholeness, you sense the cramped frustration and growing desire to freely express the "I" that you are fostering in your growth.

The moment of birth expresses the spiritual awareness of your overwhelming desire to creatively express your self-aware identity. It is the moment when that identity takes over the reins of your experience even though you have not the human tools of thought and feeling with which to articulate or even remember such an event. This is the moment when you irrevocably choose to be the creator of your experience. You have made the transition into a "separate" being, a self-definable "I". You embark upon the creation of a vast "NOT I" to explore this identity more fully. A piece at a time you conjure into form the spiritual experience of "NOT I" giving each item reality through the passion you invest in it, a passion you take entirely for granted.

To this very day, you have created each item of your world as the direct result of your identification as a separate being. Your infinite complexity and depth brings itself to bear by conjuring a vast and complex physical universe as mystifying as you can imagine. Your desire to consciously know your Self knows no bounds and so you constantly expand your world, at first into an infinite physical universe and then into the infinite variety of feeling, thought and potential. From birth on you take on the mantle of creator. Your experience of this infinite variety is entirely your own. You sense the boundless potential of your creative power and are drawn to it inexorably because of your desire to know your Self.

Your imaginative descriptions of an after-life, Heaven and Hell, revolve around this creative metaphor. In Heaven you get to choose your happiness and the forms that it might take. In Hell your choice is removed and your unhappiness is explored. However you construct your personal imagery, choice is the crucial factor. You might guess from our discussions that the dichotomy is between conscious and unconscious creation. Your decisions about what fate you deserve heavily influences your desire to be conscious. Those decisions structure the reality you experience.

The important fact is that Heaven and Hell are not post-mortem choices. They are very much here and now. You are living the after-life in spite of the metaphors you have chosen to describe your fears. Your every moment affords the opportunity to create Heavenly Joy or Hellish Suffering. You are human because you chose not to endure being created by another, even infinite awareness. You refused to be bound by a reality not of your own choosing. Your growth and maturation is driven by that constant pressure from within to take the reins of your experience. You are led by the joy of creating and by the internal awareness of your unlimited nature.

Starting right now, redefine your world. You dwell in Heaven already. This IS the after-life. Every experience is the experience of unlimited joy. You merely have to embrace and accept that joy. Then you can choose to expand into the next experience of unlimited joy. You have created the myth of the after-life to remind yourself of the potential you embody to create each moment more joyfully than the last. Remove the limitations of your self-defined humanness and you will discover that you are indeed a Heavenly being that never left Heaven.

The attitudes we suggest may seem Pollyanna-ish. They may not fit your notions of "the Real World" very well. You may have an endless series of "Yeah! But..." in response to our encouragement to choose joy. We urge you to remember that those times when you refused joy were perfectly valid experiences that helped to bring you to the present moment. Every moment of suffering served a divine purpose. Every moment of pain came about as an expression of your choice made deep within your Self. Your filters of thought, feeling and action structured the deeply felt desires to conjure into form the richly textured experience of your infinite Self. Do not hesitate to construct new filters that leave you open to expressing your spiritual nature, ineffable, ethereal and divine.

Our final exercise for this chapter will be the simplest one yet. It is, nonetheless, the most profound. If you foster this program by repeating it often, every decision, every course of action, indeed, every thought and feeling becomes clear, simple and amazingly easy. It will progressively eliminate the heaviness of your preoccupation with past and future. It will remind you of your spiritual roots, point you toward your ultimate goals in life, reassure you and quiet your spirit. It will restructure how you think about and define your world.

Sing along with us:

Row Row Row Your Boat
Gently Down The Stream
Merrily Merrily Merrily Merrily
Life Is But A Dream

You have known this rhyme since earliest childhood. It lurks beneath the surface of almost every experience you have ever had. If you listen for it, you will hear everyone around you vibrating to its simple rhythms. As you grew older, you learned to sing it with other people, each in their own timing, as a "round". You were left to decipher its profound message by yourself. Look at these few words carefully. Your life is yours to power and steer. It is completely up to you to do so. How and where to row are choices you make one moment at a time. If you choose to trust that you are enough, good enough, smart enough, beautiful enough, wealthy enough, successful enough, righteous enough, right now, you can let life take you where your Soul, your spiritual, whole Self wants to go without fighting its currents. Align your will with God's will through this acquiescence and live gently in its inexorable power. Flowing with the inherent goodness of the present moment creates the opportunity to choose joy. You can live each moment merrily, simply by choosing to do so moment after moment. Be aware of your thoughts and feelings, your beliefs and your fears. Be totally open to who you are in the present moment and you have the chance to choose the thoughts, feelings and the life experiences that fulfill your heart's desire. In the atmosphere of such acceptance of Self, you find that there is nothing that you have to do. You are enough right now. This world is not a testing ground, a school or a punishment. It is a dream, malleable and plastic. It is created anew in each moment and it bends to your command. Let the joy which already overflows your heart spill out into this dream and enjoy!

Sing it with us again:

Row Row Row Your Boat
Gently Down The Stream
Merrily Merrily Merrily Merrily
Life Is But A Dream

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