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An Emotional Primer for Men

Chapter 7: The Reward

For each terrifying dive on the emotional rollercoaster, there is a commensurate soaring to new and various heights.

My gosh! Isaac Newton was right! "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction". Fundamental physics. In a strange way, the religion of science does indeed mirror the larger and more subtle realm of spirit. From the standpoint of beings identifying with their bodies and not their larger selves, this world seems real and spirituality is a metaphor. Clearing out the emotional body and opening ourselves to a larger identity shows us that REALITY is vey much the reverse. Our physical world experience is a metaphor for the experience of the soul.

Back to the point of this writing exercise. The intensity of our experience, be it "positive" or "negative" is the issue here. As our purpose in living is to experience as much joy (God) as possible, we go merrily along encouraging ever increasing intensity of experience. We simply cannot shut down one side of the equation (by blocking negative feelings or experiences) without shutting down the other side as well.

{What is it with all these experiences? Can somebody get me a thesaurus?}

We've been learning to open up to our pain and really feel it in this exercise. Doing so opens us up to joy also. The fact is that our spiritual awareness is limited by our physical and emotional awareness. We cannot master one without mastering all. So... The more we block off our pain at any level the more we forestall our awareness of joy. Conversely, becoming more open to the pain that life provides so generously, increases our ability to be happy. It may seem that I have been proposing a hugely masochistic enterprise in these pages. If you've hung in there so far, this is the time for the reward.

Clearing the emotional body by embracing our inner darkness opens us to the light in equal increment. In other words, equally confusing, our ability to feel joy is directly proportional to our ability to feel pain. Ultimately, our experience of complete connection to God requires the complete experience of separation from God. We become Christ and Lucifer in one and the same moment. Both sides of every paradox are fully embraced. Along the road to this ultimate experience, we get regular previews of coming attractions. The cycles of life and death, pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow and so on provide, for the courageous, a training ground for admission to the absolute.

Doing all this work we've been discussing will result in a series of increasingly intense and wonderful experiences. Our inner senses open up as the blocks to our emotions get dismantled. Our psychic perceptions blossom, "past lives" become available to us as we clear issues from this life, moments of genuine ecstacy take place. A growing awareness of our larger being as it finds room to enter our lives becomes our reality each day. This because we have learned to receive the blessing of each moment. We are opening to all that life provides willingly and joyfully. This ride is very much like a rollercoaster. Remembering that each free fall plummet into the darkness results in an exhilirating rush toward our spirits, makes it possible to go "Wheeeeee, wheeee, wheeee all the way home"!

I wish you the very best on this journey. I encourage you to share yourself with others at every turn.


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