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This passage will evolve as the writings go along, but a few words now may help the reader to follow the thoughts careening throughout the book to follow. If you have decided to begin the journey here with new material rather than starting where I started, it might get a little confusing and at times seem so very wrong. The books which almost twenty years ago led me to the concepts that follow, cover a lot of ground, metaphysically speaking; probably why it took so many years to begin to move along into this next stage in my path.

The ideas concerning how the psyche is constructed which are discussed in the early chapters were introduced in Your World is a Metaphor. The analysis of groupings of awarenes into Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Bodies and their interactions with our physical bodies are laid out there and worth perusing for the grounding they will give the descriptions of the High Mental Body herein. I know other writings have used different words such as Astral, Causal and Cosmic. This is how they were given me and frankly I understand them better because of it so...

Life is Nothing Personal examines how thoughts become energy, energy becomes emotion and emotion forms the physical worlds we each manifest and live in. The basic structure of these constant activities of the SELF are delineated and offered to be used to create consciously what is most often experienced as random or "fated".

Finally, Spirit Has No Gender gives a push into joy with hints toward riding the flow of universal forces into a simplicity of living in the grace of a benevolent spiritual identity.

The next pages will address what comes next. Beneath the apparent solidity of the physical universe, there is a flow of intent coming from our most primal SELF, the SELF where we are all One. This boundless identity is accessible to minds unfettered by fear and prejudice. This is the quest that each writing exercise has been about, taking small steps by casting logical frameworks that soothe the mind with understanding.

Following the creation processes back into ever more fundamental stages to pick up the threads of primal forces in action has, all along, been been pursued using a particular technique. As described in the preface of each book preceding, I have pushed to arm's length the source of the ideas that I have written. At first, the writing seemed to come forth from an entity beyond myself, some more spiritually evolved being that spoke to me through my own mind and in my own words but spoke of things I truly knew little about. I called him/them Kuthumi and imagined him/them a strange old man with a big beard sitting on a stage before hundreds of students of which I was but one. He/they were kind and wise and ready to guide us/me to greater understanding of the nature of reality and how to live in joy and love. The tone was tough and often more direct than I would have liked but always on point and a little farther ahead than my own thoughts. It often took weeks to catch up to the sense of the thoughts discussed.

Eventually, the material itself began to make quite clear that this image I held of Kuthumi could not possibly be a description of the reality of the psyche. All intent, thought, feeling and sensation comes through me and my lines of connection with primal consciousness. All that I experience is my own SELF. Reality is not independent of me. Reality flows through the psyche from the very first glimmer of consciousness. First thought, thought most primal, is One. All of creation explodes from "I AM"! At our core, we are all expressions of "I AM". Each book brought a greater awareness of the integrity of the SELF and its boundless creative power. The more I relaxed into this realization, the easier it has become to move forward into SELF-awareness.

Still, the mechanism which pushes the source of material out to arm's length continues to work well for me. Even though I know that I am not channeling any independent being, the distancing keeps my reason from taking over and wrenching the ideas into other forms. I can go back and read the results and hear my own words being used but know that the ideas are otherwise out of reach. I get surprised often during the writing when it turns obliquely from the paths I expect to see.

The wonderful by-product of this motion is joy. I highly recommend it.

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