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Sailing into Oneness

Table of Contents


SECTION 1: Navigating Infinity
1.) The Lasting Appeal of Melodrama
2.) There is Nothing to be Healed
3.) Resonance
4.) Born to Be Wild
5.) In the Land Before Thought
6.)Stare into the Void
7.) A Study in Azure
8.)The Book of You
9.)Singularities Make Me Nervous
10.) Perfect? It's About Being Awake!
11.) And Your Feet Barely Touch the Ground
12.) It's Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature
13.) The Age of Reason

SECTION 2: Sailing into Oneness
Chapter 1) To Infinity (and Beyond)
Chapter 2) And the Livin Is Easy
Chapter 3) So, Who Are We Now?
Chapter 4) Stuck in the Middle with You
Chapter 5) Feedback Loops
Chapter 6) Losing the Human Form
Chapter 7) Matters of the Heart
Chapter 8) Cowboy Town

I lived this book as it went along. It changed my perspective in dramatic ways. I recommend it be read and used one chapter at a time. It does not seem to be designed for skimming or hopping around. To get best results, a more systematic and patient approach (that being in my plodding nature ) is advised. I also heartily recommend a familiarity with my other books for the sake of continuity and a useful shared vocabulary. This one is more esoteric. Well, I think so anyway. Enjoy!


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