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Life is Nothing Personal:

The View from the Soul

The Wisdom of Kuthumi


This is our second book written in this inspired format. It is now available in trade paper. Drop me a note to order it for only $20 Canadian plus $4.50 shipping
Like "Your World is a Metaphor," it speaks directly to me from the third person and addresses the nature of reality. I am still reeling from the stimulation it has provided me. My defintions have been thoroughly undermined. I know this is a good thing. It just feels a little disconcerting. I look at the world now with such a different perspective that it looks pretty foreign quite often. I also see it with far more understanding than ever before.

I will offer you the introduction and the first two chapters to peruse and decide if you would like to read further. I will tell you now though that there is information here that I have never encountered before and you might find challenging and surprising yourself. I do hope you enjoy!

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Life is Nothing Personal:
The View From the Soul

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