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German Silver and Bronze Barrettes

These lovely base metal barrettes are guaranteed to hold hair of any texture.
With a little flip of the bar you can embrace any amount of hair you desire and then another flip snaps to hold your hair tightly.
For only $35 with a lifetime warrantee, these are a steal. .

superswirl barretteinward looking barretteceltic wave barrette
celtic knot barretteceltic swirl barrettebroad wave barrette
dragonfly barretteceltic heart barretteloops barrette
treble clef barrette
2.Inward looking
3.Celtic Wave
4.Celtic Knot
5.Celtic Swirl
6.Broad Wave
9.Celtic Heart
10.Treble Clef

The Barrettes can be ordered in the size of your choice.
Small is about 3 inches/7.5cm. long. Medium is about 4inches/10cm long. Large is about 5inches/12.5cm. long.
They are designed to be shaped round a mug or jar to hold more hair or left flat as needed.
Like all our work, they are unconditionally warranteed!
There are so many design possibilities! Feel free to request just the design you desire.
Maybe your name or a friend's name, maybe an animal or flower.

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