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Wedding Sets

Although the possibilities for deeply meaningful designs for your wedding set are virtually endless, the most treasured symbols of your union can be immortalized in metal to bind your hearts even more.

PLEASE NOTE: Our order form is under revision at this time. Please e-mail us below for further information.

Gilding the Lily is our raison d'etre! And no one is more beautiful than a bride on her wedding day. We can design the perfect accompaniment to your theme, your gown and your radiance.

Bridal headpiece headpiece up close headpiece up close headpiece up close headpiece up close

The Mobius Ring
Like the ancient game from which it gets its name, this continuous circlular form represents the continuity of love through thick and thin. The male and female principles which guide our lives are thus brought together and joined as one. In white or yellow 14 Karat Gold these rings cost only $325 Cdn. Add Sapphires or Rubies for only another $100
Mobius Ring
flush sapphires Flush Set Sapphire Rings
Set in White or Yellow 14 Karat Gold, you can choose white, blue, red, golden or pink Sapphires for $550 Cdn.
Personal Symbol Rings
Whether Oak Leaves, animal or religious symbols or free form designs, this elegant ring set can be designed to fit your taste and your budget. This photo is of a piece made in Sterling Silver with 14 Karat yellow gold border and leaves. They cost only $250 each for a personal statement to last a lifetime.
personal symbol
Intertwining Branches
We intertwine our lives in marriage in a series of intersections. As these connections strengthen and deepen over time, we become as one. The branches of trees show us such complexity as well as a complete acceptance of intimate touch. In 14 Karat white or yellow these bands are only $650 each. Ask us about Sterling alternatives or let us use your heirloom gold for a really special wedding set.
Sapphire Bands
Made to caress your engagement ring while the man's band is a comfortable and elegantly sloped shape. You can have as many gems in your ring as your desire and budget allow. The stones are flush mounted for a lifetime of security. You can choose Sapphires of any color and combination. Basic design of 5 stones starts at $500Cdn. in white or yellow 14 karat.
heirloom The Family Heirloom
A most precious gift from one spouse to the other. This ring is constructed from your own gold, gleaned from the leftovers of old family jewellery. The only determinate of how large and heavy the final ring is will be your desire and the amount of gold you can scrounge up. The only charge is labor and that only $95 Cdn per ring.
Not Your Classic Claddagh
Entirely handmade, this classic Irish wedding symbol representing the joining of two people into one heart and the royal and divine blessing of such a union is like no other. No one will have one just like yours as each is made one at a time from the finest metals. Only $375Cdn. each.
inlay rings
channel rings Gemstone Channel Rings
Stones held tightly between two bands of metal. What could symbolize the delicate hold we have on love through our lives together better than this? Available in Sterling for as little as $125 or in white or yellow Gold for as little as $550 Cdn. Most any stone can be used, mail us for a price quote.
Stone Inlay Sets
Combine Turquoise in Sterling for as little as $150 per set of two. There is a large variety of stones possible in such a design.
stone inlays
engravedhandengraved Hand-engraved, Bi-Color Rings These rings made of heirloom gold and hand-engraved in the design of your choice can express your love and devotion in a very personal way. Supply your own gold and it is only labor charges that you pay.
Alpha and Omega perfectly describes the deep and meaningful bond of matrimony. This piece in Sterling can be less than $250 stone inlays .

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