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More One of a Kind

The items on this page were originally constructed as special orders. They represent the kind of work we do. You may order these items specifically or use them as a basis for designing your own unique piece.

We invite you to use your own creative talent and with our help come up with a jewellery form which expresses your own unique aesthetic. We guarantee you will be satisfied with the end result or we will make the piece over until you are.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the volatility of the precious metals markets, these prices are not official. Please e-mail us below for further information.

Sterling Music Box
This very special collector's item is set with Australian Opals. Of course any stone or no stones are among the myriad possibilities. Designs of your choice can be incorporated into such a piece also. We urge you to stretch your creative wings. The price for such a piece is $500 Cdn. The value is another matter altogether.
Music Box
perfume bottle Sterling Perfume Bottle
This hand-engraved Sterling bottle is capped by an Amethyst set in 14 Karat Gold. The Sterling frame which holds the bottle is set with Australian Opals. Retailing at $350 Cdn, it stands 3+ inches high and is eye catching in any collection.
Pearl Enchancer This beautiful Pearl Enhancer is set with 10 Amethysts, two Diamonds and a 1 carat Fire Opal. In Sterling Silver with White Sapphires and Amethysts it is only $180 pearl enhancer
Sterling Pill Box This gorgeous little Sterling Pill Box is set with Opal and Blue Topaz and can hold 24 aspirins or your favorite memento. Its elegant design will enhance your collection for only $75 Cdn pillbox
Quetzal Bird Pin
The ancient Aztec bird of fortune, this pin will bring good luck to your favorite person. Only $35 Cdn in Sterling, in 14 Karat Gold request a quote.
quetzal pin
scribe scrim Custom Scrimshaw
The piece at left which depicts a medieval scribe at work was ordered by a modern Franciscan. You can have any design you like (for a price). We use only recycled ivory or synthetic alternatives for all our scrimshaw.
ship scrim
Swan Brooche
This is too elegant not to include on this page. In Sterling it costs a mere $45Cdn. In 14 Karat Gold it is only $150 Cdn.
swan pin
celtic pendant Celtic Pendant
This lovely traditional design can be set with any stone and made in Sterling or 14 Karat Gold. The cost in Stewrling is only $125 CDN Call or write for quote in 14Kt
Eagle Rings
These sturdy Sterling rings bring this powerful symbol to your hand for only $95 each Cdn.
eagle rings
scorpion pin Scorpion Pin
This dandy pin makes a grand
personal statement in Sterling
for only $75 and in 14Kt request a quote.
scorpion pin
Stackable Sterling Rings with birth stones
$95 ea. Cdn.
Sterling Dragon
I know this is on the previous page but I like it so much, well you understand.
dragon cuff
celtic bracelet Sterling Celtic Bracelet
$295 Cdn.
celtic bracelet
This sleek Celtic Bracelet design can be constructed of heavy Sterling or lighter materials for the daintier wrist. On a man's hand the heavy Sterling piece costs only $195 Cdn. The lighter version only $125 Cdn. Add the stones of your choice for a few dollars more. Just ask for what you want. celtic bracelet
This classic Star Sapphire Ring design can be set with other stones but this Sapphire absorbs my eyes.
This Sterling piece costs $195 Cdn. Many stones are less expensive.
Look on Production Pieces page for more options. Just ask for what you want.
This Starburst Pendant design makes a statement whether worn casually or in dressy circumstances With matching earrings in Sterling piece costs only $145 Cdn. .Starburst Necklace
An antique looking Ruby Ring can be set with your favorite stones for as little as $95. This Ruby piece is only $165Ruby ring
This impressive Onyx Neckpiece was inspired by glorious days and nights in Greece. With matching earrings in Sterling the set costs only $195 Cdn. See Production Pieces page for more gemstone options.Memories of Mykonos
Simply lovely! Pearl and Emerald Brooche $135 Cdn. See Production Pieces page for more gemstone options.Pearl by the Sea
I noticed something that inspired this Garnet Buds Neckpiece in a movie a few years ago. With matching earrings in Sterling the set costs only $135 Cdn. See Production Pieces page for more gemstone options.Greek wedding
My Rainbow Moonstone Ring is one of my favorite wire designs. It costs a mere $95 as is. See Production Pieces page for more gemstone options.moonstone
A Wire Wrapped Necklace like this is a wonderful way to create a long lasting memory of vacations on the beach. It costs a mere $95 as is.Sea Glass

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