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Your Name as Jewellery

Liz bracelet with descriptive cardIt has been known since ancient times that names have power. As we go through life, we grow into our names as we grow into our bodies. When we understand the symbology of our names, we begin to understand ourselves. Available in German Silver, Brass and Sterling Silver, these items are custom made for you, and make ideal gifts for all ages. Each piece comes attractively displayed on a card which outlines the meaning of the name and its consequences to the developing human being.

Prices are in Canadian funds.

The following are examples only; any name is available.

On chain or black leather cord.
German Silver or Brass: $19.95 (black leather cord $2.00 extra)
Sterling Silver (on Sterling Chain): $40
Anne pendant

Jennifer pendant Lindsay pendant

Virginia pendant

From the Latin for "Industrious" or "Laboring", this one learns early how the physical world works. She knows that her work is rewarded and is willing to put effort into the things that she wants. Taking her life a step at a time comes naturally to her and her caution and thoroughness make her life richer and more full than most of us experience. Her sense of justice is profound and she teaches as she lives .

From the Celtic for "White Phantom", this name conjures the image of the ethereal and mysterious woman. This one can manifest the inspirational and the hidden as she grows. Her expression may prove hard to grasp as she dissolves before our eyes. She will be elusive and attractive from her very mystery. Her movements will have a grace that only the otherworldly can imitate. Or not! Such is her paradox and her birthright.

From the English for “Island of Pearls”, this name confers the serenity of a secluded idyllic pool. At the base of a waterfall where there is dynamic action leading to a powerful sense of peace and tranquillity, she will be able to share her birthright with the world easily and effortlessly if she cares to do so. Those who come to her can receive comfort and succour in this peace..

From the Latin for “Pure”, this name implies Godliness and innocence. One blessed with this name may become a woman filled with wonder at a world so replete with mystery and joy. She may journey through life with a light spirit and a light touch, sharing her inner peace and purity and easing the burdens of those without her native attributes. The happiness which is her birthright will colour her experience and her innocence will outlast even the world.

Beth, Elizabeth
From its Hebrew root meaning literally "God of the Oath" or "One consecrated by oath to God," in its many forms this name is highly popular in all languages with European roots. This name and its bearers serve as a constant reminder to all of the intimate relationship between humankind and the Creator. A child so named may embody the urge that all people feel to return to the fountainhead from which life springs into the physical world. She may show what this means with her life.

From the Greek for "Great and Mighty One," the name Megan stands for strength and ability. There is a competence and a confidence she embodies which is visible to all who regard her. Growing into this name, she stands and walks tall and proud because she knows her own value and answers to her own inner authority. It is wise to listen when she speaks because she wastes no time with those who do not. For her, to be "able" is as important as being.

From the Hebrew for "the ensnarer," this name literally means "card with a noose," and so signifies either a snare, or a firm binding, like the marriage troth. The epitome of attractiveness, this person will grow to be the center of attention, if only her own. She will be noticed, or else! She may well deserve this notice too. When she learns to make the most of the attention, she becomes a source of joy to those who surround her.

From the Hebrew for “Lily”, this name brings a delicate beauty to the character with a heartiness of spirit and structure. She can become what she chooses in life but will always display an attractiveness and softness to which the world will respond. She will bend and not break and return to bloom again.

From the Latin for "Beloved," the name Amy bestows a wonderful birthright. This child may know few truly lonely days. She was born knowing that she is loved. She may spend her days proving herself worthy of the name. In the process she can spread joy and comfort to the four corners. On the other side of the coin, she should watch out for the tendency to value herself above others so that her true nature can be revealed to the benefit of all.

German Silver or Brass: $19.95
Sterling Silver: $40
Elizabeth bracelet
German Silver and Brass: $19.95

Sterling Silver $40

Megan brooch

Becky brooch
Earrings German Silver or Brass: $23.00
Sterling Silver: $40
Sue earrings

Amy earrings

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