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Spirit Has No Gender
Living the Soul's Desire in the Human World

book The third book
in the Wisdom of Kuthumi series.

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How do you come to embody your soul's desire in three dimensional life? Is this as daunting a task as it seems? We can assure you that once you have come to such a state of being, it seems pretty simple and straightforward. Then again, so does reality creation, pulsing into and out of identity and manipulating the perception of time to allow for communications such as this one.

What we are offering you in the pages that follow is not THE TRUTH. It IS truth but only one out of an infinite number of truths. All paths lead to God, each with their own twists and surprises. None are better or worse than another. Who is to judge such a thing? The path we would point you toward holds considerable joy. It opens into its joy quickly and with little strain or suffering required. It asks little of you but the willingness to love your self. It asks you to choose your beliefs consciously and to merrily question them afterwards. We have no axe to grind, pockets to line or glory to find. Dabble here if you wish, then go dabble there. Our joy is neither augmented nor diminished by how well you follow our suggestions.

We have answered the calling of your heart in our communication through many mediums. We answer in these pages, in the short bursts of opening to awareness while you watch TV, walk down the street, cuddle your loved ones and the read the newspaper. We are not a personality. We are the awareness of wisdom. As such, you reach for us often, even without conscious knowledge of doing so. If you can feel that motion and the interaction between us, you will know for certain that there is no coercion possible in this process. You seek and we extend. Wisdom is always available at your request and always is it shaped to fit your unique parameters. Should you hear wisdom that does not fit your immediate desire to know, you will set it aside, perhaps temporarily. When you choose that wisdom, it will be there at your fingertips.

So, if you encounter ideas in these pages which do not send the ringing of truth throughout your being, let them go. Perhaps someday they shall. Perhaps not. Your choices will lead you to places you cannot predict or expect. Nor can we. Ain't it grand? We do suggest that you consider these ideas though. The very act of questioning and wondering is liberating and stimulating. Such acts can be unsettling and thereby encourage you to grow. In growing comes great joy. Sometimes, it can be like banging your head against a brick wall; it feels so good when you stop. At other times, it offers such peace and contentment, words can hardly express.

We intend in this work to build upon the lessons we have shared with our friend here. He has proven to be a challenging student but a faithful one. His resistances have structured our lessons, skipping over some material and wrenching through other subjects. Still, we are allowed in this work to offer a way of looking at life that enhances, broadens and deepens our relationship to creation. It is this joy that we express in these pages. May you share in this joy as well.

For the sake of simplicity, we are called Kuthumi. As we introduced ourselves in "Your World is a Metaphor", we are from a story out of your past. We were, as the story goes, a teacher from Tibet some century or so ago who worked with, encouraged and supported the growth of many including Madame Blavatsky and the early Theosophists. The tale continues to suggest that we took the step beyond your physical world often referred to as Ascension and now work as dis-carnate teacher to show the path of the Love Wisdom or 2nd Ray.

From our perspective we are far more function than form. Your ideas of form are quite different from our experience of existence now. We represent a way of perceiving the universe which can be accessed by anyone who so chooses. Your insistence on personalizing the spiritual realms casts us into personality when that is not quite accurate. Still, we do have substance enough to convey idea and expression of however high an order you may be willing to accept. Our work with our friend here (Author's note: This is how Kuthumi refers to me in these pages) takes on the flavour of his mind and his stage of development. You can have a relationship of your own with us if you so desire. Just reach out to us in the quiet moments of your life and listen for our reply.


Let us turn, then to the topic at hand; how to live the desires of your soul in the physical world. Is this world of yours really something to be reviled and overcome? Does mastery really require you to be non-physical in order to achieve it? Must you suffer to gain enlightenment, eschewing the "Ways of the Flesh," joining a monastery or sacrificing your life to serve others? Might such definitions of life on Earth be as much traps as materialism, hedonism or religionism?

Perhaps it is possible to reach your spiritual, mental, emotional and material goals within an atmosphere of joyfulness. Perhaps you need not sacrifice anything to become the person you most dearly want to be. It may even be possible to reach the highest spiritual pinnacle that you can imagine in this very lifetime.

We would begin with your relationship to God. That is very personal. No priest is required to mediate that relationship. No experts needed to interpret for you. You don't need us either! Indeed, many make their way to true awareness of God by other means entirely. It is the looking away from your Self for proof of the divine that brings the most trouble and despair into human existence. Turning inwards in your search for truth and meaning will bring more immediate and joyful results. In that search you just may find that you really are a spiritual being, divine, connected intimately to God and infinitely large and unlimited in knowledge, love and joy.

In the process of growth into your infinite Self, a lot will be taken very much on faith; at first. We would offer you faith, not blind or borrowed but based upon awareness, understanding and love. When you come to understand the nature of love, how it permeates the very essence of creation and expands everything it touches, enlivening and filling it with joy, you embrace the courage to act upon faith. Your beliefs about reality are so different from everyone else you encounter and yet you remain alive and in motion as do they. Your direct experience of reality is equally unique to you. Only you perceive the world that you perceive. You are safe to choose your beliefs to describe any reality you wish to experience. There are no exceptions either. The "Laws" of the physical world are totally arbitrary. You just happen to genuinely believe them. It would be pretty scary not to. Still, we will ask you to question these "Laws".

Who you really are is thoroughly unlimited. Acting upon your true nature will take some relearning and redefining. Most of your conceptual framework has been based on what your limits appear to be. We shall offer you glimpses of life without limits and encourage you to partake. You can begin to live such an expansive life right now. All that holds you back is your resistance to change. Even that we will attempt to redefine.

In our previous co-operative efforts with our friend here, "Your World is a Metaphor" and "Life is Nothing Personal", we have poked and prodded at your concepts about the nature of things. There have been ideas put forward which can be extrapolated so expansively that the basis of your self-definition may be brought into question. Perceiving yourself as one fragment of the infinite expressiveness of your soul can undermine your sense of solidity a wee bit. It can also liberate you to create your fondest dreams for your life right now. It's all in how you look at it.

We will not go over past discussions in this book. We suggest you read those other efforts to clarify any concepts in these pages with which you are not already familiar. We will begin with the perspective of your Soul as it approaches existence through you. Your life will be examined from that lofty viewpoint so that you might consider how to live it in joy and fulfilment. All that impedes your living out your Soul's desire in this world is your distrust. By learning new ways of finding certainty, knowing and faith, your trust that joy and fulfilment already belong to you will grow by leaps and bounds. While you are not ignorant of your Soul's desire as it calls to you in every moment, you do have many moments of doubt that it is truly OK to focus upon and embody that desire. You have often turned to "safer" concerns which those around you agree are what it means to be human. It takes tremendous courage to choose for yourself what to base your life upon. We applaud every moment in which you make such a choice. It matters not what choice you make, specifically. There are no right or wrong choices after all. What matters is that you honour your Self enough to choose your own path.

Our title, "Spirit Has No Gender", is as much a reminder as a descriptor. It stands to remind you to look at your immediate present from the perspective of your essential, spiritual nature. Your person-hood is a very limiting point of view. The more you matter as a person, the more distant from your consciousness becomes your divine nature which is intimately connected to all of creation. Awareness is as cold as outer space. It has no attachment to the manifestations it creates. It is constantly creating and releasing, creating and releasing. It is universal, unconditional and joyful beyond imagining. Every touch of this awareness in your life will bestow these attributes upon you, enriching your experience of life into past and future. It is well worth the effort to open yourself to such a touch of awareness. We shall challenge you to release your roles in life. You define yourself as man or woman, member of this species, that race, this profession, that family and so on. You are often quite unaware of how such definitions have structured your experience of life. When you begin to consciously deconstruct your life, taking it apart to see how it works, you will have this fact glaringly revealed. You will also win the freedom to be who you truly want to be. We will ask you to be committed, not because you must but because commitment works. Be committed to your life in every moment. There are no moments of existence without meaning or value. There are none to be sloughed off as worthless or unimportant. Every moment has infinite depth which can be explored. You can simply pay attention to reap this unlimited reward.

True to form, you have lived human life by externalizing everything, even your spiritual life. You have arbitrarily decided that a huge portion of your infinite Self is NOT a part of your identity. The "NOT ME". You have chosen an identity, your identity and separated yourself from all of the rest of creation. Your physical life is bound by the "Laws" of the physical world, laws that no one really knows. Science and Religion have argued over those "Laws" for millennia. Both are really only guessing. The point is that in your willful separation, you have become victim to the world around you, bound by its rules and motions and continual surprises. Your emotional life, too, is generally reactive, responding to circumstances and situations and your own interpretations of the acts and intents of others. Your mental life seems to happen all by itself to the extent that you often don't know why you think what you think. So, how could you know where your self-created feelings come from? Finally, you have given up your spiritual life to Gods and Saints and Angels, making the divine into creatures like yourself (as you perceive yourself) but responsible for your safety, wisdom and salvation.

We are not going to support such views in these writings. We will repeat, instead, the message that you are the centre of your universe, responsible for every moment of your existence. You are the creator. You create these words, that TV show, this glorious sunset. You and only you manufacture your every experience. You are free, then, to choose what experience to create. Indeed, you have been doing it pretty much unconsciously for your whole life. You have coloured your world with conflicting desires and beliefs of which you are seldom aware. Becoming aware of what you really desire, your Soul's intent, and granting yourself the right to live that out is the very fundament of happiness.

Even if the cosmology we have outlined so sparsely is totally false (and who is to say one way or the other but you) what perspective offers more hope for happiness and fulfilment and meaning in life? Perhaps the thought that you can create your own reality, choosing any reality in the moment that your heart desires, is a complete delusion. What a glorious insanity it is! You have the right and the power to be happy right now! If you choose it, it is so. However, like the Cat in the Hat says "It's fun to have fun, but you have to know how!"

Try this with us. Take a deep breath and relax thoroughly as you exhale. Do this until you feel well relaxed and settled inside. Then, using all of your inner resources, recall into your body, heart and mind, the happiest feeling you can remember. Perhaps there is a memory attached to it or a fantasy. Use your visual imagination to conjure the scene which inspires joy. Use your inner hearing and let music or bird song or running water augment your happy feelings. Open your emotions to the expansiveness of loving joy. You will, perhaps, find that this takes less effort than it takes to relax your objections to feeling so good.

As this feeling builds inside of you, let it expand throughout your body, making every nerve tingle. Let your attention widen to feel it more fully. Let your heart sing with its expansion and let joy fill you to overflowing. Bask in this moment of fullness.

See how easy it is to conjure up feeling happy? We will ask you to look at your life from within this feeling often. Pay attention to your experience of life in the moment. Whenever you decide that your immediate moment is not up to this standard of joy, call it forth afresh. Life looks very different from within this feeling state. As you experience new facets of joyfulness, from physical pleasure to spiritual bliss, add them to this magical creation and practice it often. Let it expand too. That is its nature after all.

You see, you already live in Paradise, Shambhalla, the Garden of Eden, etc. You never really left. Simply put, you decided to stand apart and see yourself as distinct from Heaven on Earth. You chose to believe in Good and Evil. You chose to see God as outside of creation, outside of your Self. Just as easily, you can choose to embrace divinity and make it your own. You can choose to know your Soul's desire and act it out on Earth right now and in every right now of your life.

So, just do it!

Table of Contents

1) The Only Thing We Have to Fear
2) Reach for the Top

3) Don't Fall in Love; Jump!

4) Why Bad Things Happen to GoodPeople

5) A Daily Walk with God

6) Spirit Has No Gender

7) Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

8) If at First You Don't Succeed

9) Hey Do You Own this Piece of #$%^&?

10) Perfect Makes Practice



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