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Signs of the Zodiac

Sterling Silver pendants and earrings have been constructed from the glyphs used by astrologers for thousands of years. They come to you on attractive product cards which outline the essential characteristics of the sign the glyph represents. As our Sun sign represents the most cherished dreams and aspirations we hold, wearing these talismans proudly says out loud that we value ourselves.

All items $20.00 each for earrings or pendants (Canadian funds). Pendants are on your choice of black leather cord or 18" (45 cm) sterling chain (Please add $7.50 for Chain) . Size is approximately as shown - about an inch (2.5 cm) in diameter.

You can use these descriptions for your own information, or go to our Order Form.


"I AM"

Aries glyph Ruled by Mars, Aries is the Cosmic Child. Direct, active, and energetic, Aries is impulsive, aggressive, and without guile or pretense. These are the pioneers of the Zodiac, the original idea people. Arians are self-directed and never lack courage. Aries is the first impulse of the life force into reality. This is where our energy as humans is first felt on the physical plane. People born with the sun in Aries are the generators of the world.


Taurus glyph Ruled by Venus, Taurus lends an appreciation for the beautiful things in life. Art, music, food and the great outdoors hold special places in Taurus' heart. Strong, willful and just a little bit stubborn, Taurus is the Cosmic Builder. One brick at a time they work until the most stable life is completed. The Taurean is very slow to anger, usually placid and pleasant but they are a raging bull if pushed too far. A slow burn in life and love, Taurus is loyal and loving and stable.


Gemini glyph Ruled by Mercury, Gemini is as changeable as the breezes of summer. Representing the conscious mind and the essence of quicksilver, Gemini lends to its natives the ability to communicate thought. They are quick and dramatic, footloose and sociable. Their ability to manipulate words is legendary. Gemini can flit from one activity to another with great aplomb. The desire to learn is great and their social circle is large and grateful.


Cancer glyph Ruled by the Moon, Cancer's emotions run deep and change often. They are the nurturers of the Zodiac, lovers of hearth and home. Cancerians can absorb the atmosphere around them and bloom in happy surroundings. The Cosmic Mother is Cancer, creative in a languid, comforting way and needing to be loved and loving to be happy. This person will be ruled more by the heart than by the head, and is subject to changes of mood that may have no apparent reason.


Leo glyph Ruled by the Sun, Leo is always centre stage. It is the most vital of the signs and has tremendous energy. Acting from the heart, Leo's faith and loyalty to those they love is legendary. The Leo rules his or her Kingdom by Divine Right and innate ability. Pride and confidence are its birthright and its gift. Leo may be a touch vain, but deserves to be. These are, after all, special people, children of the Sun. Gregarious and charming, they add much to life.


Virgo glyph Ruled by Mercury, Virgo is particular. Dot the I's and cross the T's and Virgo can be comfortable. The desire to reach perfection is strong in them. The urge to serve is also strong and the natives do it quietly and effectively. Virgo handles detail well and lends caution to its expression. There is sweetness and a lack of aggressiveness that makes them attractive. Virgos make few enemies in life and many friends due to their quiet, gentle manner.


Libra glyph Ruled by Venus, Libra is the turning point in the evolutionary process. Here, relationships involving cooperation are born. The Libran's most cherished desire is to be liked by everyone. They are graceful, intelligent and hardworking and they love to play the peacemaker. The desire to see both sides of every issue often leads to argumentativeness. This gift can also make decision-making difficult for the Libran. A charming personality and a winning smile mark their character


Scorpio glyph Ruled by Pluto, Scorpio embodies the principles of Death and Rebirth. Here the stuff of humanity gets continually recycled and renewed. Intensely creative, in fact intensely everything, Scorpio holds much beneath the surface. Natural detectives, they enjoy the discovery of secrets while closely holding their own. There is power and presence to the Scorpio personality. Without show, they command respect.


Saggitarius glyph Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius lets fly the arrow of the mind in the quest for truth. These natives are optimistic, friendly and outgoing, willing to take a chance on almost anything. These are the gypsies of the Zodiac. Sagittarians love to travel in the search for knowledge of the world and of life. Their travels are not limited to the physical world as they are, by nature, philosophers. 'Don't fence me in' is their battle cry.


Capricorn glyph Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn knows what resources are for and how to use them. Steady, practical and dependable, they may lack flash but they never lack depth. These people are, by nature, ambitious and hardworking. They take pride in earning their way through life. Paternalistic when outward directed, they hold home and family in high regard. Capricorns have a dignity to their self-expression and a natural ability to lead others.


Aquarius glyph Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius represents the higher mind. Humanity and large institutions are the field of operation for Aquarius. Detached and intellectual, these natives are intensely freedom-loving. Living in the future comes naturally to them. They are ahead of their times as a matter of course. Fixedly seeking change and growth, they are the ideal people to bring truth to the world with both the ability to fathom it and the means to pass it along.


Pisces glyph Ruled by Neptune, Pisces is the epitome of depth. Sensitive and emotional, these people have an inbred understanding of self sacrifice. The physical world is not their natural habitat and their need to escape it occasionally is great. Pisces has the ability to "go with the flow" that the rest of us can only envy. Good-natured and easy-going, they fit in everywhere and yet are rarely unaware of their separateness. Their compassion is legendary.

Self Awareness Through Astrology
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