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We become what we aspire to be. A talisman can remind us of the attributes we treasure and help us to embody our dreams. The simple act of focusing on what we want to become creates a new reality and a new life. Amazing results can follow.

You can use these descriptions for your own information, or order the jewelry from the Order Form. Each piece will come on a lovely card containing these descriptions Price and size details are at the bottom of this page.

Celtic Knot
This ancient symbol of Unity has its roots in the very beginnings of human society. The three arcs of the symbol represent the indivisibility of body mind and spirit and the unity of the mundane and the divine, of humankind and God. Use this symbol to remind yourself that you are a spiritual being having a physical experience and will always be safe, powerful and worthy of love.
Celtic Knot
The Cross
One of the most ancient of symbols, the Cross represents the quartering of the universe into active and passive principles. We can use this symbol to remind us of the need to heal ourselves and the Earth.
The Pentagram
A symbol of humanity's place in the universe, the Pentagram lends protection against the vagaries of the world, unmatched among talismans. All is safe within the Pentagram. It reminds us that we too are an expression of the Mind of God and, as such, are divine.
The Snowflake
We all know that no two snowflakes are exactly alike. It is a symbol of uniqueness we all relate to. By accepting and relishing our individuality, we honor creation in all its myriad forms. By allowing a more free expression of ourselves, we allow a degree of happiness beyond the norm.
Snowflake in silver
Long acknowledged to have mystical qualities, the Hummingbird displays grace and ferocity in equal measure. It is said to embody the consciousness of Tyrannosaurus Rex. As such, it shows us a mixture of attributes from direct action, brutal honesty and honest brutality tempered with fragility and beauty.
The Runic character for wealth, the Gilch can be a powerful amulet for bringing abundance of all kinds into our lives. The use of such an amulet carries the burden of responsibility though and should be used with clear motives. Wealth must not be amassed at the expense of other people.
The well known Buddhist chant is composed of three parts: A the Creator, U the Preserver, and M the Destroyer. It stimulates all the body's centers moving upwards in turn, finally opening the Crown to the Cosmos.
Treble Clef
As the most recognizable symbol of music, the Treble Clef represents beauty, harmony, vitality and joy. It reminds us that the order in our universe is a source of great pleasure and that living in harmony with this plan brings a peace unparalleled.
Treble Clef in silver
Yin and Yang
Adopted from the Oriental icon, we know these principles to describe male and female attributes and expression; active and passive principles. Their ever changing natures remind us that we too must change and flow to grow. We must come to encompass both to become whole.
The Ankh
This ancient Egyptian symbol places humanity solidly in the universe as an expression of the divine creation. As a symbol of Life itself, it reminds us that the spark of the Creator is within us all. By accepting and expressing our divinity, we lift the spirit of all humankind.
Peace Sign
Strong emotions are a binding force. To hate war and strife holds these to our hearts and our lives. Better we learn to Love Peace and Harmony and thus bind these to ourselves. When we shout to the world our love of Peace, we create this reality in our lives and, in effect, change our corner of creation.
Peace sign
Solomon's Seal
This ancient and recognizable symbol of the unity of Heaven and Earth is well planted in our psyches. It has the power to bring integration into our lives by reminding us that what we see in the physical world is but a metaphor for the reality of the Soul; the trinity of spirit, mind and body united and blended.
Star of David, or Soloman's Seal
When two people blend their energies to form a third entity, a relationship, the form taken energetically is the classic heart shape. Our physical hearts mirror this shape in a vague way. When we open our lives to the energy of love, we accept more people into our hearts and spread this new life form in the world.
Silver heart
An Eastern talisman for wealth and increase, Fish are supposed to drive away evil creatures and protect us from bad dreams. Often used in connection with Christian symbology, Fishes can also be a metaphor for the part of us that navigates the oceans of feeling which power our lives and feed our souls.
Adopted by Ulysses as his personal charm to commemorate the saving of Telemachus by a dolphin. As a symbol of the grace and compassion of the sea, dolphins represent the love, diligence and swiftness of change which the mysteries of the sea inspire in us.
Dolphin in silver
This mythical creature holds a special place in our legends and in our hearts. He is the vehicle for the saving grace of a benign Creator. He delivers us from evil both inner and outer. As a talisman, he offers the power and wisdom to ply a straighter course to our destiny, free from the fears and temptations of life.
Adopting this talisman can inspire us to enlarge our identities to encompass an infinite universe. As we contemplate the vastness of creation, we can embody more of the Divine Will which commands All That Is.
5-pointed silver star
As a symbol of peace throughout history, this talisman can help us to bring this essential attribute to the fore within our lives. As we grow in the calm of inner peace, our inner light shines more strongly for all to see, bringing about a better world for all.
Dove earrings
This symbol of stability in rough seas can help us to recognize the point of balance within ourselves. With this knowledge comes the security to face who we really are and become the Spark of the Divine we are meant to be.
These most loyal of beasts have long been friend to humankind. They inspire our urge to give and receive loyalty and affection without question or fear. Holding this sense of trust dear to our hearts will make it grow to fill our lives enriching us all.
Sample talisman cardTalismans come as Earrings, Rings or Pendants (on leather cord) for $25.95 (CDN) add $10 for Sterling Chain, Bracelets for $40.00 CDN.
Any of these pieces can be set with 8X6mm semi-precious gemstones for an additional $10.00

Each talisman comes on a card describing the meaning of the symbol and the significance of talismans. Size is approximately as pictured - about 1.5 inch (3.25 cm) for pendants, slightly smaller and lighter in weight for earrings.

Rings sit about 3/8 -1/2 inch along your finger and (of course) whatever size you require.

Bracelets will be about 1.5 inch wide at their midpoint. Please let us know if you need small, medium or large sizes.

Remember our guarantee and let us know if you are unsatisfied in any way. We will gladly make the piece again with your feedback.
If you don't see your favourite symbol here, we can take custom orders. info@flightoftheeagle.ca.

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